The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland - Illustrated by Bartlett

J. Stirling Coyne & N. P. Willis
c. 1841
Volume I, Contents

Illustrated in one hundred and twenty engravings, from drawings by W. H. Bartlett

With Historical and Descriptive Text by J. Stirling Coyne, N. P. Willis, etc.

Dangan Castle

Dangan Castle

List of Illustrations

Chapter I.

General Character of the Counties of Cork and KerryAntiquitiesTower at KenithHistorical Notice of the City of CorkModern Cork, Streets, Bridges, and Public BuildingsCharacter of the InhabitantsSuburbs of CorkBlarney Village and CastleTradition of the Blarney-stoneCurious Cromlech and Druidic RelicsRoad from Cork to BantryBantry BayAttempted Landing of the French thereGlengariff, its SceneryCromwell's Bridge

Chapter II.

Road from Glengariff to KillarneyKenmareRoss Island and CastleInnisfallenO'Donaghoe's PrisonRomantic Traditions respecting O'DonaghoeAbbey of MucrussTurk CascadeLower and Turk LakesMucruss CottageTaking a Stag at Derricunnehey CascadeThe Lakes as seen in the Approach from KenmareView of the Upper LakeThe Weir BridgeGlena BayLegend of InnisfallenO'Sullivan's CascadeSecond Visit to Mucruss AbbeyLegend of the Yew-treeGeneral Remarks on the Scenery of the LakesThe Gap of DunloeCarran-tuelMangertonThe Devil's Punchbowl

Chapter III.

Valley of the FleskLabbig-OwenMacroomKnockaclashy Hill, battle fought thereInchageelaLough AlluaGougaune BarraRemarks on Patrons and Holy WellsAbbey and Castle of KilcreaBallincolligSt. SenanCarrigrohan CastleLove of Dancing amongst the IrishApproach to Cork

Chapter IV.

Cork RevisitedFoatySubterranean Chambers at CarrigtohillCove HarbourCastle MaryRemarkable CromlechCloyneRound Tower thereRemarks on the Round Towers of IrelandHawlbowlineMonkstownThe Giant's StairsPassageThe Great IslandThe Cork RiverBallycotton BayYoughal HarbourDungarvan BayTramore BayWaterford HarbourDunmoreBagenbon HeadSaltee IslandsBannowWexford HarbourKinsaleBaltimore BayCape ClearDunmanus BayBantry BayCoast of KerryDerrynane AbbeyIsland of ValentiaDingle BaySmerwickBrandon BayCaves and Village of BallybunnianKilkeeCove in MalbayThe Natural BridgesBay of GalwayBallinahinch LakeRoundstone BayClifden Town and CastleKillery Harbour

Chapter V.

Road from Galway to DublinBallinasloeAthlone, and its Historical ReminiscencesHamlet of Lissoy, the "Deserted Village" of GoldsmithKilcolman Castle, the Residence of the Poet SpenserLough OuelLough EnnelTrimDangan CastleThe Hill of TaraThe Bog of AllenObservations on Irish BogsMaynoothThe GeraldinesCartonLeixlip and the Salmon-leap

Chapter VI.

Environs of DublinLucanCastleknockThe Strawberry-bedsThe Phoenix ParkRoyal Hospital at KilmainhamAncient History of DublinCathedral of St. PatrickChrist Church CathedralLord Portlester's ChapelSt. Michan's Vaults, their singular antiseptic propertyCastle of DublinThe Four CourtsView from Carlisle BridgeSackville StreetTrinity CollegeBank of IrelandCustom-houseThe South Wall and the LighthouseClondalkinHarbour and Castle of HowthKingstownKilliney Hill and BayDalkey Island

Chapter VII.

The County of Wicklow"The Garden of Ireland"The ScalpVillage of EnniskerryPowerscourtTonnehinchPowerscourt WaterfallCharlevilleThe DargleThe Lover's LeapBrayGlen of the DownsNewtown Mount KennedyThe Devil's GlenLuggelawGlendaloughThe Seven ChurchesSt. KevinGlenmalureCastle HowardThe Meeting of the WatersPoul-a-PhucaShelton AbbeyKilcarra CastleArklowThe Battle of ArklowBravery of the IrishThe Wicklow Gold-mines