Irish Biography

A Compendium of Irish Biography

Alfred Webb's Compendium of Irish Biography (1878) contains many hundreds of biographies of eminent Irish men and women, and those associated with Ireland by office or through their writings. Sources for each biographical entry are provided.

A Dictionary of Irish Artists

By Walter Strickland (1913). Over 1000 entries on Irish artists and artists connected with Ireland over the centuries. The work includes portraits and photographs of over one hundred artists, and catalogues the works of some. A valuable source of biographical information on painters, engravers, carvers, etchers, silhouettists, medallists, and more.

Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder

Shan Bullock’s biographical account of the builder of the Titanic, first published in 1912.

Boulogne-Sur-Mer: St. Patrick's Native Town

An examination of the theories relating to the birthplace of St. Patrick which concludes that he came from Gaul (now France)

Theobald Wolfe Tone and his Speech from the Dock

A chapter on Wolfe Tone and his failed expedition to Ireland to raise a rebellion which includes an account of what he said in the dock, taken from T.D. Sullivan’s book Speeches from the Dock (1886)

Robert Emmet’s Speech from the Dock

An account of Robert Emmet and his failed rebellion in 1803 together with the speech delievered at his trial, taken from T.D. Sullivan’s book Speeches from the Dock (1886)

Mrs S. C. Hall (Anna Maria Fielding)

A biographical sketch of the Wexford-born novelist Mrs S. C. Hall (Anna Maria Fielding)