Ó Maolaodha

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó MAOLAODHA—IO Mollaye, O Mullae, O Mulley, O Mullye, O Mellowa, O Miley, O Moloy, O'Mealue, (O Malley), Mallew, Melay, Millea, Miley, Mullee, (Mulloy, Molloy, Malley); 'descendant of Maolaodha' (servant of St. Aedh); the name of a family of Cinel Aonghusa, a sept of the Cinel Eoghain, in Ulster, Ó Maolaodha was one of the hostages given by Aodh O Neill to Roderick O'Connor, King of Ireland, in 1167. At the end of the 16th century, the name was very scattered. In the North it seems to have been generally anglicised by assimilation to Malley, but in Connacht, where, under the form of Ó Maoilaodha (which see), it is not uncommon, it is generally anglicised Mulloy, sometimes Mullee. See also Ó Maolaodhóg and Ó Maolmhaodhóg.

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