Saint Cannera

Cannera, Saint, lived in the 6th century. Her interview and conversation with St. Senan, given by Lanigan, and related by Moore in his Melodies, are her warrant for special notice. Wishing to receive the viaticum from St. Senan, and to be buried in Inishscattery, she left her retreat near Bantry, and set sail for that island. Lanigan proceeds: "When arrived just close to it [she] was met by Senan, who obstinately refused to allow her to land, and requested her to go to the house of his mother, who lived not far distant, and was related to Cannera. At length, however, on understanding that she was near her end, and that she wished to receive the Holy Eucharist, he complied with her desire. As she died very soon after, her wish to be interred in that holy place was also fulfilled." If she is the same as St. Cainder, as stated in the Martyrology of Donegal, her festival is the 28th January.


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