Saint Canice

Canice, Cainneach, or Kenny, St., patron of Kilkenny (with which locality the events of his life are slightly, if at all, connected), the son of Laidec, a poet, and Mella, was born at Glengiven, in Ulster, in 514. In his fourteenth year he was sent to Wales, where he studied under St. Docus. Ordained priest, he is said to have proceeded to Rome, and on his return he exerted himself to extirpate the remains of paganism in Ireland. He was intimate with SS. Comgall and Columcille. The Martyrology of Donegal says of him: "Achadh-bo [Aghaboe in the Queen's County] was his principal church. . . A very ancient old vellum book states that Cainneach was, in his habits and life, like unto Philip the Apostle. And I find no characterizing whatever of the Cainneach of which it gives this account; and if this be not he, I ask forgiveness of the real saint of whom it was given, if I am acting ignorantly respecting his identity. Columcille frequently speaks of Cainneach in his Life. . . Eighty-four years was his age when he sent his spirit to heaven, A.D. 598." His festival is the 11th of October.


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