George Canning

Canning, George, an author, an Irishman, appears to have taken his degree of B.A. at the University of Dublin in 1754. His father, a gentleman of property in the north of Ireland, disinherited him for marrying, in 1768, Miss Costello, a dowerless beauty. George Canning was the author of some poems, and of a translation of Anti-Lucretius. He was called to the Bar, but never pursued his profession with earnestness, and his sojourn in London, on an allowance from his father of £150 per annum, was a perpetual struggle against adverse circumstances. Nevertheless he and his wife were received into some of the best literary circles, and led a respected, if not a contented and happy life. He died in the Temple, London, 11th April 1771, one year after the birth of his son, the great George Canning.


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