Population of Ireland (1672-1821)

Dublin Penny Journal
August 25, 1832
Vol. 1, No. 9

The following statement is taken from “A Practical View of Ireland,” by James Butler Bryan, Esq. Barrister at Law.

“I presume the population of Ireland to be about eight millions, and from the annexed table it will be inferred, that on an average hitherto, Ireland has doubled her population in about sixty-three years.

According to Mr. M‘Culloch, the population of Scotland in 1700, amounted to 1,050,000; in 1820, to 2,135,000, thus taking 190 years to double.

He likewise asserts, that the population in England in 1700, was 5,475,000; in 1811, it was 10,488,000, requiring about 107 years to double.

According to Mr. Mathieu, the population of France would take 111 years to double at its present rate.

The King of Sweden says, that Sweden has added more than a sixth to her population in twenty years, thus doubling in less than 120 years.

“We may perceive from Von Malchu's account of the population of Europe, that Ireland has only seven European states her superiors, and eighteen her inferiors in this respect; and in point of superficial extent of territory, she has but ten states her superiors, and fifteen interior to her.

The seven united provinces of Holland, which have so frequently struck the scale in the balance of power in Europe, do not exceed in extent or population, Ulster, the fourth province of Ireland.

A Table of the progress of the population in Ireland:

1672Sir W. Petty1,100,000
The same corrected1,320,000
1695Captain South 1,034,102
1712Thomas Dobbs2,099,094
1718The same 2,169,048
1725The same2,317,374
1726The same2,309,106
1731Established Clergy2,010,221
1754Hearth-money Collectors2,372,634
1767The same2,544,276
1777The same2,690,556
1785The same2,845,932
1788G. P. Bush4,040,000
1791Hearth-money Collectors4,206,612
1792Rev. Dr. Beaufort 4,086,226
1805Thomas Newenham5,395,456
1814Incomplete Census5,937,856
1821Census, 55 Geo. III. c. 1206,801,827