The Kings of Scotland


Fergus Mor Earca was the Founder of the Scottish monarchy; from him down to Malcolm the Third or Malcolm Cann Mór, fifty-three Milesian kings reigned in Scotland, namely:

1. Fergus Mór MacEarca; contemporary with the 130th and 131st Monarchs.
2. Æneas: his brother.
3. Domhangart (Dungardus or Donart): son of Fergus.
4. Congall: son of Donart.
5. Gabhran: brother of Congall; died in the reign of the 133rd Monarch.
6. Conall: son of Congall.
7. Ædhan: son of Gabhran; reigned five years after the death of the 140th Monarch.
8. Eocha Buidhe: son of Ædhan.
9. Connad (or Kenneth) Cearr: son of Eocha.
10. Fearchar: son of Connad.
11. Donal Breac: son of Eocha Buidhe.
12. Conal Cean Gamhna.
13. Doncha or Duncan: son of Dubhan
14. Donal Donn.
15. Maoldun: son of Conall.
16. Fearchar Foda.
17. Eocha Rinnamhal: son of Aodh (or Hugh) Fionn.
18. Anmcheallach: son of Fearchar.
19. Scalbhan.
20. Eocha Angbhadh; in the middle of whose reign the 160th Monarch was slain in the Battle of Kells (called the Battle of Seired-Magh or MaghSeara) by his successor the 161st Monarch.
21. Dongal: son of Scalbhan.
22. Alpin; son of Eocha.
23. Muredach: son of Alpin.
24. Aodh Airgneach: son of Muredach.
25. Eocha: son of Aodh.
26. Donald: son of Constantine (or Conn).
27. Conall Caomh.
28. Conall: his cousin.
29. Constantine: son of Fergus.
30. Æneas: brother of Constantine.
31. Aodh: son of Boanta or Eogonan.
32. Eugenius: son of Æneas.
33. Alpin: son of Eugenias; was the first King of Scotland of the Milesian Line, that was crowned at Scone.
34. Kenneth (MacAlpin): son of Alpin.
35. Donal: son of Alpin.
36. Constantine: son of Kenneth.
37. Aodh or Ethus: brother of Constantine.
38. Giric (or Gregory): son of Dongal.
39. Donal Dasachtagh: son of Constantine.
40. Constantine: son of Aodh.
41. Malcolm: son of Donald; contemporary with the 172nd Monarch.
42. Inulph: son of Constantine.
43. Dubh: son of Malcolm.
44. Acar: brother of Dubh.
45. Culen: son of Inulph.
46. Kenneth: son of Malcolm.
47. Constantine: son of Culen.
48. Kenneth: son of Dubh.
49. Malcolm II.: son of Kenneth, son of Malcolm.
50. Doncha.
51. Doncha or Duncan: son of Crinan and of Beatrix (or Beatrice); murdered by MacBeatha or Macbeth, A.D. 1041.
52. Macbeth: son of Synel (lord of Glammis) and of Doda, a younger sister of Beatrix.
53. Lulach (or Sulach): son of Macbeth.
54. Malcolm the Third: son of Duncan (son of Crinan); died A.D. 1094; whose daughter Maud was wife of King Henry I., of England.