The Kings of Ulidia

Since the advent of St. Patrick to Ireland, A.D. 432.

1. Muredach Mundearg, son of Forga, was the first Christian king of Ulidia.
2. Carioll Coscrach.
3. Eochy,[1] son of Muredach Mundearg.
4. Eocha, son of Conlaoch. This Eocha was contemporary with Diarmaid, the 133rd Monarch of Ireland.
5. Feargna, son of Aongus.
6. Deman, son of Carioll.
7. Aodh Dubh.
8. Daigh, son of Carioll.
9. Baodan: his brother.
10. Fiachna: his son; contemporary with the 140th Monarch.
11. Guaire, son of Congal.
12. Fiachna, son of Deman.
13. Conal Claon, son of Scanlan Mór of Moyrath [Moira].
14. Doncha, son of Fiachna.
15. Maolchobha, son of Fiachna, was the 144th Monarch.
16. Blathmac: his son; was the 150th Monarch.
17. Congal Ceannfada.
18. Fergus, son of Aidan.
19. Begg-Boirche, son of Blathmac.
20. Curcuaran, son of Congal.
21. Aodh Roin, contemporary with the 159th Monarch.
22. Cathusach, son of Olioll.
23. Fiachna, son of Aodh Roin. Lived, A.D. 743.
24. Eocha: his son.
25. Tomaltach, son of Inrachta.
26. Carioll, son of Fiachna.
27. Malbreasal, son of Alioll.
28. Muredach, son of Eachdan, contemporary with the 165th Monarch.
29. Madudhan: his son.
30. Loingseach, son of Tomaltach.
31. Anbith, son of Aodh.
32. Eachagan.
33. Eremon, son of Aodh.
34. Lethlobhar, son of Loingseach.
35. Fiachna, son of Anbith, contemporary with the 169th Monarch.
36. Addigh, son of Lagny.
37. Cumuscach. Murdered by the Danes.
38. Aodh, son of Eachagan, contemporary with the 170th Monarch.
39. Begg, son of Eremon.
40. Muredach, son of Eachagan.
41. Kennedy (or Ceannfada).
42. Dubhgall, son of Aodh.
43. Eocha, son of Conallan.
44. Ardgal, son of Madudhan.
46. Aodh, son of Loingseach.
46. Eocha, son of Ardgal. This Eocha was contemporary with Malachy the Second, the 174th Monarch of Ireland.
47. Maolruana, Eocha’s brother. This Maolruana was king of Ulidia at the time of the Battle of Clontarf, A.D. 1014; and, fighting against the Danes, was slain at that memorable battle.
48. Niall, son of Eocha.
49. Mathoon, son of Donal.
60. Donal, son of Mathoon.
61. Niall, son of Dubhtuinne.
62. Doncha MacMathoon.
63. Cu-Ula O’Flathry.
64. Rory, son of Dunsleive, was the last king of Ulidia, and its fifty-fourth king since the advent of St. Patrick to Ireland.


[1] Eochy: In the first and second editions of this Work, this Eochy is by mistake entered as the father of St. Donart.—See Note, under No. 90 on the “O’Hart” pedigree, p, 670, Vol. I.