The Kings of Ossory

Ossory became a kingdom in the sixth century; and Conla, the second son of Breasal Breac, King of Leinster, was the ancestor of the kings and gentry of the territory of Ossory (see the stem of the “Fitzpatrick” family, p. 449, Vol I.

1. Tuam-Snamha [snava]; contemporary with the 134th and 135th Monarchs.
2. Scanlan Mór; contemporary with the 140th Monarch.
3. Faolchar.
4. Faelan.
5. Flann.
6. Alioll.
7. Ceallach [Kelly].
8. Forbusach.
9. Anmcha.
10. Tuam.
11. Dungal; contemporary with the 161st Monarch.
12. Faelan (2).
13. Maoldun.
14. Dungal (2).
15. Cearbhal; contemporary with the 167th Monarch.
16. Finnan.
17. Ceallach (2).
18. Doncha.
19. Dermot.
20. Doncha or Donoch, son of Giolla Padraig (Giolla Padraig: Irish, the devoted of St. Patrick) or Gillpatrick. This Doncha Gillpatrick was contemporary with the Irish Monarch Brian Boru.
21. Doncha (3).
22. Teige MacGillpatrick, the last king of Ossory.