Kings of Orgiall

Since the Fourth Century.


Colla-da-Chrioch [cree], No. 85 on the “O’Hart” pedigree, see p. 670, Vol. I., was the first King of Ulster (or Orgiall, as it was called), after its conquest by the Three Collas, in the fourth century. From one or other of the Three Collas, since that conquest, all the Kings of Orgiall were descended.

1. Colla da Crioch.
2. Rochadh: his son.
3. Deach Dorn: his son.
4. Fiach (or Feig): his son.
5. Crimthann Liath: his son. Was the King of Orgiall, and an old man, at the time of the advent of St. Patrick to Ireland, A.D. 432. In the early portion of his reign, the Monarch Niall of the Nine Hostages conquered that part of Ulster known as the “Kingdom of Aileach,” which was afterwards divided into the two Principalities of Tirowen and Tirconnell; of which divisions, respectively, Niall’s sons Eoghan, and Connail Gulban, were the first princes.
6. Eochaidh [Eochy].

We are unable to give in succession, any further than this Eochaidh, the names of the Kings of Orgiall, since the advent of St. Patrick; for, the punctuation in the MS. from which we quoted in p. 199 of the First Series of the First and Second Edition of this Work, led us into the error (but we find that the error was ours) of there stating that Muireadach Mundearg, the first Christian King of Ulidia, was son of this Crimthann Liath. That Muireadach [Muredach], it is right to say (see No. 92 on the “Dunlevy” pedigree) was son of Forga, who was of the tribe of DalFiatach, and not of the Clan Colla.

According to MacFirbis the following were:

The High Kings or “Ard-Righs,” of Orgiall.

1. Colla Uais.
2. Cairbre.
3. Conall.
4. Cumuscach.
5. Eochaidh.
6. Daimhin.
7. Maolfhoghartach.
8. Congal.
9. Aoilill.
10. Tuathal.
11. Giolla Colum.
12. Ceannghamna.
13. Dondagan.
14. MacRuadhri.
15. Becc.
16. MacCuanach.
17. Giolla Chriosd.
18. Colga.
19. Becc.
20. Leathlobhar.
21. Maolodhar.
22. Donnchadh.
23. Mac-Cu-Chaisil.