The Irish Parliament of King James the Second in 1689

According to a Work[1] printed in London in 1691, the following is a list of the Lords and Commons that sat in King James’s Irish Parliament, at Dublin, commencing on the 7th of May, 1689.

1. Sir Alex. Fitton, Knight, Baron of Gausworth, Lord Chancellor.

2. Doctor Michael Boyle, Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of all Ireland.

3. Richard Talbot, Duke of Tyrconnell.


1. Aungier, Earl of Longford.

2. Barry, Earl of Barrymore.

3. Dungan, Earl of Limerick.

4. Forbes, Earl of Granard.

5. Lambert, Earl of Cavan.

6. MacCarthy, Earl of Clancarthy.

7. MacDonnell, Earl of Antrim.

8. Nugent, Earl of Westmeath.

9. Power, Earl of Tyrone.


1. Barnwell, Viscount Kingsland.

2. Bourke, Viscount Galway.

3. Bourke, Viscount Mayo.

4. Browne, Viscount Kenmare.

5. Butler, Viscount Galmoy.

6. Butler, Viscount Ikerin.

7. Butler, Viscount Mountgarret.

8. Cheevers, Viscount Mount Leinster

9. Dempsey, Viscount Clanmalier.

10. Dillon, Viscount Costello and Gallen.

11. MacCarthy, Viscount Mountcashel.

12. Magennia, Viscount Iveagh.

13. Netterville, Viscount Dowth.

14. O’Brien, Viscount Clare.

15. Parsons, Viscount Rosse.

16. Preston, Viscount Gormanstown.

17. Sarsfield, Viscount Kilmallock.


1. Symon Digby, Bishop of Limerick and Ardfert.

2. Anthony Dopping, Bishop of Meath.

3. Thomas Otway, Bishop of Ossory and Kilkenny.

4. Edward Wettenhall, Bishop of Cork and Rosse.


(In the Order of Precedence.)

1. Bermingham, Baron of Athenry.

2. Courcey, Baron of Kinsale.

3. Fitz-Morris, Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw.

4. Fleming, Baron of Slane.

5. St. Lawrence, Baron of Howth.

6. Barnwall, Baron of Tremblestown.

7. Plunket, Baron of Lowth.

8. Bourke, Baron of Castleconnel

9. Butler, Baron of Cahair.

10. Bourke, Baron of Brittas.

11. Blaney, Baron of Monaghan.

12. Malone, Baron of Glenmalun and Courchey.

13. MacGwyre, Baron of Enniskillen.

14. Hamilton, Baron of Strabane.

15. Bellow, Baron of Duleek.

16. Bourke, Baron of Bophin.

17. Nugent, Baron of Riverstown.

House of Commons


“Names of the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses returned to the Parliament beginning the 7th May, 1689.”

County ArmaghArthur Brownloe and Walter Hovendon.
Borough of ArmaghFrancis Stophard and Constantine O’Neile (16th May, 1689).
Borough of Charlemont[2](No name returned therefor.)
County AntrimCormack O’Neile and Randal MacDonnell.
Borough of Carrickfergus(No name returned.)
Borough of BelfastMark Talbot.
Borough of LisbournDaniel O’Neile (20th May, 1689.)
Borough of Antrim(No name returned.)
County CarlowDudley Bagnal, and Henry Luttrel.
Borough of CarlowMark Baggot, and John Warren.
Borough of Old LeighlinDarby Long and Daniel Doran.
County CorkJustin MacCarthy; and Sir Richard Nagle, Knt.
Town of YoughalThomas Uniack, and Edward Gough—Aldermen.
Town of KinsaleAndrew Murrogh, and Myles de Courcey.
Borough of BaltimoreDaniel O’Donovan and Jeremiah O’Donovan.
Borough of BandonbridgeCharles MacCarthy of Balloa; and Daniel MacCarthy Reagh.
Borough of CloghnerkiltyLieut.-Col. Owen MacCarthy, and Daniel Fion MacCarthy.
Borough of MiddletownDermot Long, and John Longan.
Borough of Moyallow (Mallow)John Barret of Castlemore, and David Nagle of Carrigoone.
Manor and Borough of RathcormuckJames Barry and Edward Powell.
Manor of DoneraileDonal O’Donovan, and John Baggot, jun.
Barony of CharlevilleJohn Baggot of Baggotstown, sen., John Power of Killbelone.
City of CorkSir James Cotter, Knt., and John Galway.
County CavanPhilip Reyly of Aghnicrery; and John Reyly of Garryrobock.
Borough of BelturbetSir Edward Tyrrell, Bart.; and — Tuite, of Newcastle.
County ClareDavid O’Brien, and John MacNemara of Crattelagh.
Borough of EnnisFlorence MacCarthy of Dromad; and Theobald Butler of Strathnagalloon (10th May, 1689).
County DownMurtagh Magennis of Greencastle, and Ever Magennis of Castlewelan.
Borough of Hillsburrow(No name mentioned).
Borough of NewryRowland Wite (? White), and Rowland Savage.
Borough of Bangor(No Name mentioned).
Borough of KeleleaghBernard Magennis of Balligorianbeg and Tool O’Neile, of Droman Kelly).
Borough of Down(No names returned).
Borough of Newtown(No names returned).
County DublinSymon Luttrell of Luttrelstown; and Patrick Sarsfield, junr., of Lucan.
Borough of SwordsFrancis Barnwell of Woodpark, co. Meath; and Robert Russell, of Drynham.
Borough of NewcastleThomas Arthur of Colganstown, and John Talbot of Belgard.
City of DublinSfr Michael Creagh, Knt.; and Terence (Mac) Dermott, sen., Alderman.
(Trinity) College, DublinSir John Mead, Knt.; and Joseph Coghlan.
Town of DroghedaHenry Dowdall, Recorder; and Alderman Christopher Peppard FitzGeorge (or son of George).
County Donegal(No names mentioned).
St. JohnstownSir William Ellis, Knt.; and Lieut.-Col. James Nugent.
County GalwaySir Ulick Bourke, and Sir Walter Blake, Bart.
Borough of AthenryJames Talbot of Mount Talbot, and Charles Daly of Dunsandle.
Borough of TuamJames Lally, of Tullendaly, and William Burke of Carrowfrila.
Town of GalwayOliver Martin, and John Kirwan.
County KilkennyJohn Grace, of Courtstown, and Robert Walsh of Clooneshy.
Borough of CallainWalter Butler, and Thady Meagher.
Borough of Thomas townRobert Grace, sen.; and Robert Grace, jun.
Borough of GowranRichard Butler; Walter Keily, Doctor of Physic; and Col. Robert Fielding by a new Election.
Borough of InishogeEdward Fitzgerald, and James Bolger.
Borough of KnocktopherHarvy Morris; and Henry Meagh (and after him by Redmond Purcell).
City of KilkennyJohn Rooth, Mayor; James Bryan Ald. (4th May, 1689).
Borough of KellsPatrick Everard, and John Delamare.
Borough of St. Canice(No name mentioned).
County KildareJohn Wogan, and George Aylmer.
Borough of NaasWalter Lord Dungan, and Charles White.
Borough of AthyWilliam Fitzgerald, and William Archbold.
Borough of HarristownJames Nihell, and Edmund Fitzgerald.
Borough of KildareFrancis Leigh, and Robert Porter.
King’s CountyHeward Oxbourgh, and Owen Carroll.
Borough of PhilipstownJohn Connor, and Heward Oxbourgh.
Borough of BanagherTerence Coghlan, Esq.; and Terence Coghlan, gent.
Borough of Birr(No name mentioned).
County of KerryNicholas Brown; and Sir Thomas Crosby, Knt.
Borough of TraleeMaurice Hussey of Kerries, and John Brown of Ardagh.
Borough of Dingle-IcouchEdward Rice (son of James), of Ballinleggin; and John Hussey of Cuhullin, co. Limerick.
Borough of ArdfertCol. Roger MacElligott, and Cornelius MacGillicuddy.
County LongfordRoger Farrell, and Robert Farrell.
Borough of LanesboroughOliver Fitzgerald, and Roger Farrell.
Town of Longford(No name mentioned).
County LowthThomas Bellew, and William Talbot.
Borough of ArdeeHugh Gernon, and John Bebe.
Borough of DundalkRobert (Mac) Dermott, and John Dowdall.
Borough of CarlingfordChristoper Peppard (son of Ignatius), and Bryan Dermod.
Dunlier(No name mentioned).
County LimerickSir John Fitzgerald, Bart.; and Gerald Fitzgerald, commonly called “Knight of the Glynn.”
Borough of KilmallockSir William Harley (Hurley), Bart.; and John Lacy.
Borough of AskeatonJohn Bourke of Carrickinohill, and Edward Rice.
City of LimerickNicholas Arthur, and Thomas Harrold.
County LeitrimEdmond Reynolds, and Irrell Farrell.
Borough of JamestownAlex. MacDonnell, and William Shanley (15 May, 1689).
Carrickdrumrusk(No name mentioned).
County MayoGarret Moor, and Walter Bourke.
CastlebarJohn Bermingham of Portreene, and Thomas Bourke.
County MeathSir William Talbot, and Sir Patk. Barnwall, Barts.
Borough of RatoathJohn Hussey, and James Fitzgerald.
Borough of TrimCaptain Nicholas Cusack, and Walter Nangle.
Borough of NavanChristopher Cusack of Corballis, and Christopher Cusack of Ratholdran.
Borough of AthboyJohn Trinder, and Robert Longfield.
Duleek (No names mentioned).
County MonaghanBryan MacMahon, and Hugh MacMahon (9th July, 1689).
Town of Monaghan(No names mentioned).
County Fermanagh
Queen’s CountySir Patrick Trant, Knt.; and Edmond Morris.
Borough of MaryboroughPierce Bryan, and Thady Fitzpatrick.
Borough of BallinakillSir Gregory Bourne, Bart.; and Oliver Grace.
Port ArlingtonSir Henry Bond, Bart.; and Sir Thomas Hacket, Knt.
County RoscommonCharles Kelly, and John Bourke.
Borough of RoscommonJohn Dillon, and John Kelly.
Borough of BoyleCaptain John King, and Terence MacDermott (6th May, 1689).
Tulske(No name mentioned).
County SligoHenry Crofton, and Oliver O’Gara.
Borough of SligoTerence MacDonogh, and James French (8th May, 1689).
County of TipperaryNicholas Purcell[3] of Loughmoe; and James Butler, of Grangebeg.
City of CashelDenis Kearney, and James Hacket, Aldermen.
Borough of ClonmelNicholas White, and John Bray, Aldermen.
Borough of FethardSir John Everard, Bart.; and James Tobin, of Fethard.
Borough of Thurles(No names mentioned).
Borough of Tipperary
County TyroneCol. Gordon O’Neill, and Lewie Doe of Dungannon.
Borough of DungannonArthur O’Neill, of Ballygawley; and Patrick Donnelly, of Dungannon.
Borough of StrabaneChristopher Nugent, of Dublin; and Daniel O’Donnelly, of Dublin (8th May, 1689).
Clogher(No names mentioned).
County WaterfordJohn Power, and Mathew Hore.
Borough of DungarvanJohn Hore, and Martin Hore (7th May, 1689.)
City of WaterfordJohn Porter, and Nicholas Fitzgerald.
Borough of Lismore(No names mentioned).
County of WexfordWalter Butler, of Munfine; and Patrick Colclough, of Moulnirry.
Borough of WexfordWilliam Talbot, and Francis Rooth.
Borough of New RosseLuke Dormer, and Richard Butler.
Borough of BannowFrancis Plowden, Commissioner of the Revenue; and Doctor Alexius Stafford.
Borough of New BoroughAbraham Strange, of Tobberduff; and Richard Daly, of Kilcorky.
Borough of EnniscorthyJames Devereux, of Carrigmenan; and Dudley Colclough, of Moughery; and Arthur Waddington, by a new election.
Borough of TaghmonGeorge Hore, of Polhore; and Walter Hore, of Harperstown.
Borough of CloghmyneEdward Sherlock, of Dublin; and Nicholas White, of New Rosse (merchant).
Borough of Arklow(No name mentioned).
Fytherd (Fethard)Col. James Porter, and Capt. Nicholas Stafford.
County of WicklowRichard Butler, and William Talbot.
Borough of CarysfortHugh Byrne, and Pierce Archbold—upon whose default of appearance, Barth. Polewheele.
Borough of WicklowFrancis Toole, and Thomas Byrne.
Borough of BlesingtonJames Eustace, and Maurice Eustace.
Baltinglas(No name mentioned).
County WestmeathThe Honble. Col. William Nugent, and The Honble. Col. Henry Dillon.
Borough and Manor of Mullingar Garret Dillon, Prime Sergeant; and Edmond Nugent, of Garlanstown.
Borough of AthloneEdmund Malone, of Ballynehown; and Edmond Malone, “Councellor-at-Law.”
Borough of KilbegganBryan Geoghagan, of Donore; and Charles Geoghagan, of Syenan.
Borough of ForeJohn Nugent, of Donore; and Christopher Nugent, of Dardistown.
County of Londonderry (No name mentioned).
City of Londonderry
Borough of Coleraine
Borough of Limavady

End of the names of the Lords and Commons that sat in the Irish Parliament of King James the Second, a.d. 1689.


[1] Work: “The State of the Protestants of Ireland under the late King James’s Government,” pp. 369–377; published in London, in 1691; which, in front of its Title-page, has the following Imprimatur:

“Let this be Printed:


White-Hall, Octob. 15, 1691.”

That work contains much curious information, including the names of the persons in Ireland attainted by King James’s Parliament; and may be had at Mr. Patrick Traynor’s, Bookseller, 29 Essex-quay, Dublin.

[2] Charlemont: In King James’s Parliament, held in Dublin in 1689, no Members attended thereat from the following Constituencies : 1. Charlemont, 2. Carrickfergus, 3. Bangor, 4. Antrim (the Borough of), 5. Hillsburrow, 6. Downpatrick, 7. County Donegal, 8. Borough of Donegal, 9. Lifford, 10. Ballyshannon, 11. Killibegs, 12. St. Johnstown (in Donegal), 13. St. Canice (in Kilkenny), 14. Birr, 15. Town of Longford, 16. Dunlier, 17. Carrickdrumrusk (in Leitrim), 18. Duleek, 19. Kells (in Meath), 20. Town of Monaghan, 21. County of Fermanagh, 22. Enniskillen, 23. Tulske (in Roscommon), 24. Thurles, 25. Tipperary, 26. Clogher, 27. Augher (in Tyrone), 28. Lismore, 29. Tallow, 30. Arklow, 31. Baltinglass, 32. County of Londonderry, 33. City of Londonderry, 34. Coleraine, 35. Limavady.

[3] Purcell: See Note (*) [5] in page 364 of this Volume.