Irishmen who served in the Spanish Netherlands

The sympathy with France, cultivated by the House of Stewart, led to the formation of several Regiments of Irish in that service during the Exile of Charles II.

Of these a Regiment of Horse, commanded by the Earl of Bristol, served with distinguished reputation during the campaign of 1652 under Marshal Turenne; and towards the close of that year an Irish Regiment in the service of the Duke of Lorraine entered the same service.

The French had laid siege to Bois-le-Duc, garrisoned by these Irish; a deadly conflict ensued; the Regiment of Picardy at length entered; but the garrison defended their barricades, the streets and houses, until driven to the upper town and citadel by superior numbers.

The Great Condé, then Generalissimo of the Spanish Armies approached to relieve the place, the French returned to the siege, a breach in the upper town was immediately assaulted, but the storming party were valiantly beaten off.

A fresh breach was, however, soon after effected; and, the town and citadel being no longer tenable, the garrison surrendered prisoners of war.

The Irish considered they owed a paramount duty to their own King (Charles II.); and, as soon as the surrender of Bois-le-Duc had discharged them from the Standard of Lorraine, they made a tender of their services to the Duke of York, which was accepted by Cardinal Mazarin.

Their numbers had been much reduced during the siege; so that, not being qualified to act as a separate body, they were incorporated with the Duke’s own Regiment.

The Irish were now opposed to Irish in the campaign of 1653, in the French and Spanish armies; Moinon, on the Meuse, in that year withstood an obstinate siege. The York regiment with those of Picardy and Turenne mounted the trenches alternately.

The Spanish and Irish garrison defended the place with unusual bravery.

The Duke of York and his regiment took a very distinguished part.

The skill of engineers and the perseverance of the troops ultimately forced the garrison to a capitulation, after seventeen days of open trenches.

Before the opening of the campaign of 1654, 800 Irish quartered at Eterre and Gorque were surprised by Count de Broglio. These villages were divided by the Lis, and had been guarded by the Spaniards and Irish during the winter.

The Spaniards had suddenly withdrawn, leaving the Irish unsupported, exposed to the attacks of the enemy, and unable to act unitedly in any emergency, being divided by the river.

The French, with their wonted activity, assailed, routed, and nearly destroyed the whole corps.

At the lines of Arras, gained by Turenne over the Spanish under Condé, the regiments of York and Dillon shared with the French the honour of that great victory.[1]

Aubrian (O’Brien), Don Dermitro, Capitan, 1660.

Bath, Don Patricio, Alferez (Lieutenant) 1663.

Barry, Don Nicholas, Capitan, 1663.

Bedloe, Don Jorge, Sargente (Sergeant), 1660.

Berneo (Byrne), Don Thadeo, Capitan, 1660.

Berne (Byrne), Don Donato, Soldado, 1661.

Blacq (Blake), Don Juan, 1663.

Blanchville, Don Dionisio, Capitan, 1660.

Birn (Byrne), Don Ricardo Clerigo.

Birn, Don Carlos, Alferez, 1663.

Botler (Butler), Don Willem, Alferez, in the Regiment of the Earl of Bristol, 1621.

Brady, Don Hugo Alferez, 1581.

Brady, Don Nicholas, 1657.

Brady, Don Juan Alferez, 1660.

Brady, Don Folipe Alferez, 1660.

Brady, Don Diego, Alferez, 1660.

Brangan, Don Thadeo.

Brun (Brown), Don Ambrosio, Alferez.

De Burgo Don Theobaldo, Mariscal de Campo, 1660.

De Burgo, Don Edmundo, Alferez, 1661.

Burk, Don —, Capitan in the Wallon Infantry Regiment, 1658.

Butler Don Edmundo, Capitan, 1660.

Butler, Don Theobaldo, Alferez, 1660.

Butler, Don Waltero, Coronel, 1660.

Butler, Don Pedro, Soldado, 1660.

Butler, Don Jacques, Alferez, 1621, obtained leave to enter the service of the Duke of Lorraine.

Butler, Don Pedro Alferez, in the Regiment of the Duke of York, 1661.

Butler, Don Guillermo, Sargento-Mayor, 1663.

Butelar, Don Antoin, Alferez, 1663.

Butelar, Don Edmundo, Coronel, 1663.

De Calahan, Don Malachia, Capitan 1660.

Callagan (Callaghan), Don Juan, Clerigo, Cappellan Mayor in the Royal Hospital at Malines.

Cassy (Casey), Don Juan, Coronel, 1660.

Castelo (Costello), Don Dudleo, Mariscal de Campo, 1653.

Carti, Don Dermityo (Dermod), Alferez, 1660.

Carty, Don Theodoro, Capitan, 1661.

Carthy, Don Danielo, Capitan, 1660.

Carthy, Don Calagan (Callaghan), Alferez, 1660.

Carthy, Don Dionisio Sargente, 1660.

Carroll, Don Juan, Alferez, 1660, Capitan in the Regiment of the Duke of York, 1661.

Cavanagh, Don Tomas, 1650.

Clanchy (Clancy), Don Dionisio, Mariscal de Campo, 1657.

Clanchy (Clancy), Don Morto, Alferez, 1660.

Clanchy (Clancy), Don Moriarti, Capitan, 1660.

Clery, Don Floriencio.

Clery Don Thadeo, Soldado, 1622.

Chute, (Tuite), Don Huberto, Alferez, 1663.

Coghlan, Don Moriarti, Alferez, 1653.

Coghlan Don Francisco, Capitan, 1663.

Comant (Cummin), Don Moriarti, Soldado, 1662.

Conor, Don Thadeo, Alferez, 1661.

Connel, Don Jacques, Capitan in the Regiment of the Duke of York, 1661.

Croke, Don Edmundo, Alferez, 1653.

Cummin, Don Andreo, Capitan, 1660.

Cuscar (Cosgrave), Don Tomaso.

Cusacq (Cusack), Don Jorge, Mariscal de Campo, 1658.

Cusacq (Cusack), Don Pedro, Alferez, 1661.

Daly, Don Folipe, Alferez, 1660.

Dalway, Don —, Sargente, 1660.

Danielo, Don Patricio, Alferez.

Denise, Don Dermicio, Capitan.

Dilon (Dillon), Don —, Coronel, 1654; Mariscal de Campo, 1660.

Dilon (Dillon), Don —, Capitan, 1657; Coronel, 1663.

Demse (Dempsey), Don Juan, Sargento-Mayor, 1653.

Demse (Dempsey) Don Danielo, Alferez, 1653.

Dempsy, Don Diego, Coronel, serving in the army of the Prince of Condé, 1660; appointed Mariscal de Campo, 1663.

Dempsy, Don Murtagh, Capitan, 1663.

Dempsy, Don Carlos, Capitan, 1663.

Elmer (Aylmer), Don Garrett, del Regimento de Coronel Ricardo Grace, 1600.

Fanan (Fanning), Don Ricardo, Capitan, 1663.

Fige (—), Don Eugenio, Soldado, 1662.

Fitzpatrice, Don Juan, Capitan in the Regiment of the Duke of Gloucester (Gloster).

Geoghan, Don Dermicio, Capitan, 1660.

Geraldin (Geraldine), Don Ricardo, Capitan in the Regiment of the Duke of York.

Geraldin (Geraldine), Don Bernardo, 1663.

Geraldin (Geraldine), Don Tomas, Capitan, 1663.

Goyle (Coyle), Don Guillermo, Sargento, 1661.

Grace, Don Ricardo, Coronel, 1660.

Guines (Guinness), Don Patricio, 1663.

Haneli (Hanly), Don Dionisio, Alferez, 1661.

Hanly, Don Maurisco, Alferez, 1663.

Hadser (Hadsor), Don Patricio.

Hesdin, Don Jorge, Capitan, 1660.

Henegan, Don Guillermo, Alferez.

Heydon, Don Jorge, Capitan, 1663.

Hillody, Don Cornelio, Capitan, 1660.

Hogan, Don Eduardo, Alferez, 1660.

Horel, Don Juan, Capitan, 1660.

De la Hoyd, Don Jorge, Capitan.

Jordan, Don Edmundo, Coronel in service of the Duke of Lorraine.

Kavanagh, Don Bernardo, Alferez, 1661.

Kenedi (Kennedy), Don Bernardo, Alferez, 1661.

Keogh, Don Theodoro, Alferez, 1660.

Lalour (Lalor), Don Ricardo, Capitan.

Lalor, Don Ricardo, Capitan, 1661.

Leynsi (Lynch), Don Cornelio, Sargento, 1660.

Lonergan, Don Phelipe, Alferez, 1660.

Mather (Meagher), Don Juan, Capitan, 1660.

Mara (Meara), Don Thadeo, Mariscal de Campo, 1660.

Meaher (Meagher), Don Theodoro (Thadeo), Coronel in the service of the Prince of Condé, 1660; Mariscal de Campo, 1663.

Macisbis, Don Patricio.

MacMahon, Don Manrico, Sargento-Mayor, 1653.

Macmahum (MacMahon), Mariscal de Campo, 1657.

Macdonogh, Don Florencio, Alferez, 1663.

Maguir (MacGuire), Don Juan, Ayudante (Adjutant).

Maugiro (MacGuire), Don Constantino.

MacKarri (MacGarry), Don Juan, Alferez.

MacCarti, Don Danielo, Alferez, 1660.

MacCarthy Roagh, Don —, Coronel Reformado, in the Regiment of the Duke of York.

Magrath, Don Juan, Capitan, 1660.

Macnamara, Don Thadeo, Alferez, 1660.

Macnamara, Don Reny, Alferez, 1661.

MacGulcuddy, (MacGillicuddy), Don Florendo, Alferez, 1660.

MacGulcuddy (MacGillicuddy), Don Dionisio, Sargento-Mayor, 1663.

MacGulcuddy (MacGillicuddy), Don Cornelio, Capitan, 1663.

MacGulcuddy (MacGillicuddy), Don Florencio, Alferez, 1663.

Magilpatric (MacGilpatrick), Don Tadeo, Capitan, 1653.

Macruri (MacRory), Don Hugo, Sargento 1661.

Masterson, Don Tomaso, Soldado.

Mauro (Moore), Don —, Capitan, 1655.

Maurisco (Morris), Don Simon.

Morfi (Murphy), Don Juan, Coronel in the Regiment of the Duke of York, 1654; Mariscal de Campo, 1658.

Morfi (Murphy), Don Thadeo.

Morfi (Murphy), Don Hugo, Ayudante in the Regiment of the Duke of Gloucester (Gloucester), 1662.

Morfi (Murphy), Don Juan, Capitan, 1663.

Morfi (Murphy), Don Dionisio, Capitan, 1663.

Mighan (Meehan), El Conde, Commander of the Walloon Infantry Regiment, 1658.

Mighan (Meehan), Don Dermicio, Sargento, 1662.

Mincan (Minchan), Don Guillermo, Soldado.

Michlod (MacLeod), Don Manus, Alferez.

Molody (Melody), Don Carlos, Capitan.

Molody (Melody), Don Patricio.

Morny, Don Mateo, Capitan, 1663.

Molrian (Mulryan), Don Pedro, Capitan, 1660.

Molrian (Mulryan), Don Carlos, Alferez, 1661.

Molrian (Mulryan), Don Edmundo, Alferez, 1661.

Mulrian (Mulryan), Don Juan, Alferez, 1663.

Mulcair, Don Laurencio, 1661.

Namagan (—), Don Maurisco, Soldado, 1662.

Nolane (Nolan), Don Diego, Capitan, 1660.

Nolan, Don Nicolas, Ayudante (Adjutant), 1661.

Nolan, Don Juan, Clerigo, appointed Cappellan Mayor to the Walloon Infantry Regiment, commanded by Baron Argones, 1663.

Ocahill, Don Danielo.

Ocullane (O’Cullin), Don Juan.

Oberty, Don Jacques, Alferez, 1663.

Obern (O’Beirne), Don Pablo, Alferez, 1663.

Obrin (O’Brien), Don Bernardo, Alferez, 1653.

Obrin (O'Brien), Don Bernardo, 1653.

Obrin (O’Brien), Don Theodoro, Capitan, 1663.

Obrin (O’Brien), Don —, Alferez, 1653.

Obirren (O’Byrne), Don Carlos, Capitan, 1661.

O’Brian, Don Theodora, Coronel, 1663.

O’Brian, Don Henrico, Alferez, 1660.

O’Brian, Don Theodora, Capitan, 1660.

O’Brian, Don Cornelio, Alferez, 1661.

Obrian, Don Moriarti, Coronel, 1660.

Obrian, Don Dionisio, 1663.

Obrian, Don Terencio, Alferez, 1663.

O’Daly, Don Thadeo, Soldado.

Odonnelly, Don Patricio.

Odonnelly, Don Henriquez, Alferez, 1663.

Odocarte (O’Doherty), Don Roderigo.

Odonneill (O’Donnell), Don Diego, Capitan, 1660.

O’Daniel (O’Donnell), Don Felipe.

O’Donol, Don Neagsan, Soldado, 1660.

O’Donol, Don Henriquez, Ayudante.

O’Donoghu (O’Donoghoe), Don Mortagh, Alferez, 1660.

O’Donoghu (O’Donoghoe), Don Roger, Sarjento.

O’Dwyer, Don Phelipe, Alferez, 1663.

Ofaril (O’Farrell), Don Jamie, Soldado, 1653.

Offerral (O’Farrell), Don Luis, Coronel, 1661.

Offerral (O’Farrell), Don Ferguso, Capitan, 1660.

Offerral (O’Farrell), Don Terencio, Mariscal de Campo, 1662.

Offerral (O’Farrell), Don Juan, Capitan, 1662.

Offerral (O’Farrell), Don Gerardo, Capitan, 1662.

O’Fihily (O’Feely), Don Juan, Capitan, 1663.

O’Gara, Don Hugo, Capitan, 1660.

O’Gaygin ( MacGeoghegan), Don Malachia, Alferez, 1660.

O’Hartagain, Don Dermicio, Regiment of Conde de Inchiquin.

O’Hart, Don Cahiro, Alferez, 1653.

O’Hair (O’Hayer), Don Cahir, Alferez.

Ohara (O’Hara), Don Hugo, Capitan, 1656.

O’Hanlan, Don Ardel.

O’Hanlan, Don Eugenio, Capitan.

Ohay (O’Hea), Don Phelipe, Capitan, 1653.

Oleehie (O’Leahy), Don Tomas, Alferez, 1663.

De Omally, Don Edmnndo, Capitan.

Omehair (O’Meagher), Don Phelipe, Capitan, in the Regiment of the Duke of York, granted on 25th June, 1653, a license to repair to Ireland.

De Omeara, Don Alesandro Dionisio, Soldado, 1660. Capitan, 1662.

Omarra, Don —, Mariscal de Campo, 1660.

Omeara, Don Dionisio, Alferez, 1661.

Omeara, Don Tomas, Capitan, 1672.

Omoriarty, Don Morro, Alferez, 1660.

Omor (O’Moore), Don Edmundo, Capitan.

Omorra (O’Moore), Don Edmundo, Capitan.

Omulrian, Don Theodora, Alferez.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Terencio.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Hugo, Alferez.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Phelipe, Mariscal de Campo.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Juan, Soldado, 1662.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Juan, Alferez, 1657; Capitan, 1663.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Felime, Sargento Mayor.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Felipe, Mariscal de Campo, 1663.

Orelly (O’Reilly), Don Felipe, Sargento Mayor, 1663.

O’Ruarque (O’Rorke), Don Cornelio, Capitan.

Peregrine, Don Guillermo, Soldado, 1662.

Rayner, Don Guillermo, Soldado.

Reane (Ryan), Don Carlos, Clerigo, appointed Capellan Mayor, 1660.

Rely, Don Edmundo, Sargento Mayor,1656.

Rely, Don Edmundo, Furrier Mayor; Quarter Master, 1660.

Rely, Don Eugenio, Sargento, 1660.

Rely, Don Hugo, Alferez, 1660.

Rely, Don Dionisio, Alferez, 1663.

Rian (Ryan), Don Edmundo, 1660.

Rian, Don Juan, Sargento, 1661.

Rian, Don Carlos, Alferez, 1663.

Rirden (Reardon), Don Jacques, Alferez, 1660.

Roche, Don Danielo, Alferez, 1653.

Rochei, Don Adam, Capitan, 1653.

Rossel (Russell), Don Ricardo, 1661.

Seridan (Sheridan), Don Jacques, Sargento.

Shea, Don John, Sargento Mayor, 1663.

Sirridan (Sheridan), Don Diego, Sargento.

Sinot (Sinnott), Don —, Coronel, 1658.

Shortall, Don Pedro, Capitan, 1660.

Stapleton, Don —, Capitan in the Regiment of Grace.

Tully, Don Marcus, Clerigo, appointed Chaplain to the Corps of Mariscal de Campo, Furtado de Furtado.

De Vithe (White), Don Miguel, 1657.

De Wal (Wall), Don Juan.

De Welde, Don Carlos, Capitan in the Walloon Regiment.[2]

End of the Names of Irishmen who served in the Spanish Netherlands.


[1] Victory. See O’Conor’s Military Memoirs of the Irish Nation.

[2] Regiment: The names in this list were taken from “Registres de Patentes Titres et Depeches concernant les Troupes, &c., servant dans les Pays Bas sous le gouvernement Espagnol,” preserved in the “Achives du Royaume,” Brussels.