Retinue of King James the Second, in Ireland, in 1690

The following is a “List[1] of all the Men of Note that came with King James (the Second) out of France, or that followed him after; so far as could be collected.” Those names are here given in the order in which they appear in the book from which they are taken, to afford the inquirer the greater facility of reference.

The Duke of Berwick.

Mr. Fitz-James, Grand Prior.

Duke Powis.

Count D’Avaux, Ambassador from France.

Earl of Dover.

Lord Henry Howard.

Lord Thomas Howard.

Lord Drummond.

Marquis D’Estrades.

Earl Melfort.

Lord Seaforth.

The Bishop of Chester, who died here; and is buried in Christ Church, Dublin

Gourdon, Bishop of Galway.

Hamilton, Dean of Glasgow.

Sir Edward Herbert.

Sir John Sparrow.

Colonel Porter.

Mr. Pedle.

Monsieur Pontee, Engineer.

Captain Stafford.

Captain Trevanyon, Sea Captain.

Sir Roger Strickland, do.

Captain Arundel, do.

Colonel Sarsfield.

Colonel Anthony Hamilton.

Colonel John Hamilton.

Colonel Symon Luttrell.

Colonel Henry Luttrell.

Colonel Ramsey, killed at Derry.

Lord Abercorne.

Colonel Dorrington.

Major Thomas Arthur.

Lord Dungan.

Captain MacDonnell, Sea Captain.

Sir William Jennings.

Colonel Sotherland.

Sir Henry Bond, Receiver General.

Mr. Collins, Commissioner of the Revenue

Colonel Clifford.

Colonel Parker.

Marshal de Rosene.

Lieut.-General Mamve, killed at Derry.

Lieut-General Pusignan, killed at Derry.

Major-General Leary.

Lord Trendraught.

Lord Buchan.

Major John Gourdon.

Lieut.-Col. John Skelton.

Major John Ennis.

Major William Douglas.

Lieut.-Colonel Hungate.

Major William Connock.

Sir Charles Carney.

Lieut-Colonel Alexander Mackenzy.

Major James Fountaine.

Major Teig Regan.

Lieut-Colonel Edward Scott

Major Robert Freyne.

Major Symon O’Hogherne (? O’Aherne).

Lieut.-Colonel Bynns.

Colonel James Purcel.

Lieutenant-Colonel George Traps.

Major Robert Ingram.

Major Edmond Pendergast.

Major John Gifford.

Lord Hunsdon, Colonel.

Lieut-Colonel Francis Leonard.

Col. Alex. Cannon, went for Scotland.

Major Edmond Bourk.

Major James Dempsy.

Major Frederick Cunningham.

Colonel Robert Fielding.

Major Richard Hillersden.

Major Boepry.

Monsieur Boisleau, made Governor of Cork.

His Brother St Martin, Commissary of the Artillery, killed at Cromp Castle.

Sir Edward Vandrey.

Sir Charles Murray.

Sir Robert Parker.


Father Nicholas Dunbar.

Father Dan MacAylisse.

Anthony MacGwyre.

Nicholas Trapps.

John Madden.

Austin Mathews.

Laurence Moore.

Father Edmund Reyly.

John de Gravell.

John Hologhan.

Father Richard Peirce.

Patrick Aghy.

Darby Daley.

Thady Croly.

Daniel MacCarthy.

Chirurgeons (or Surgeons).

John Brunton.

Thady Regan.

Jo. Baptista Monlebeck.

Charles Stapleton.

John James Aremore.

John Cassell.

Edmond Tully.

Nicholas Reynard.


William Charters.

William Oliphant.

Robert Charters.

Peter Blare.

Thomas Brown.

Francis Creighton.

James Buchan.

Alexander Gourdon.

George Lattin.

Sir Alphonso Moiclo.

John Baptista du Moll.

John Mollins.

John Wynnell.

John Fortescue.

Robert London.

George Roberts.

Thomas Scott.

James FitzSymons.

William Gibbons.

William Delaval.

Mau. Flynn.

Richard Scott.

Connor O’Toghill.

Anthony Ryan.

Rupert Napier.

Terence O’Brien.


[1] List: This List is taken from “The State of the Protestants in Ireland, under King James’s Government,” pp. 366–368; published in London, in 1691.