O'Donoghue Mor (No.3) family genealogy

Princes of Lough Lein, County Kerry

Arms: Vert two foxes ramp. combatant ar. on a chief of the last an eagle volant sa. Crest: An arm in armour embowed holding a sword, the blade entwined with a serpent all ppr. [1]

CAS, brother of Nathfraoch, who is No. 90 on the "Line of Heber," was the ancestor of O'Donchada or O'Donchu; anglicised O'Donocho, and modernized O'Donoghue, O'Donohoe, O'Donoghy, Donoughue, Donaghy, and Dunphy.

90. Cas: son of Corc, King of Munster.

91. Eochaidh: his son.

92. Crimthan: his son.

93. Laeghaire: his son; had a brother named Hugh (or Aodh) Gharbh: this Hugh was the ancestor of O'Mahony.

94. Aodh Oraidh ("oraid:" Irish, an oration, a prayer: Lat. "oro," to pray): son of Laeghaire.

95. Cairbre Riosthran: his son.

96. Cloranach: his son.

97. Dunlong Breac (or Brone): his son.

98. Eladhach: his son.

99. Dunlong (2): his son.

100. Altan: his son.

101. Flaithrigh: his son.

102. Æneas: his son.

103. Dubhd'abhoireann ("dubh:" Irish, dark, Heb. "dobh-i;" "d'a:" Irish, of the; and "boireann," a large rock), signifying "the dark complexioned man of the large rock:" his son; a quo O'Dubhoireainn [daverin], anglicised Davoren.[2]

104. Donal Moacute;r: his son.

105. Donal Oge: his son.

106. Cathbha: his son.

107. Conor: his son.

108. Dubhd'abhoireann (2) [duff-daverin]: his son.

109. Donal (3): his son.

110. Donoch or Donnchu ("donn:" Irish, brown, and "cu," a warrior), meaning "the brown haired warrior:" his son; a quo O'Donchada or O'Donchu. This Donoch died A.D. 1057.

111. Conmhighe: his son.

112. Cathal O'Donocho: his son; first assumed this sirname; died 1063.

113. Donoch: his son.

114. Æneas: his son.

115. Amhailgadh Mór: his son.

116. Cathal: his son. This Cathal (who was an ancestor of O'Donoghue, of Lough Lein), had a younger brother named Connor, who was the ancestor of "O'Donoghue of the Glen," county Kerry.

117. Dubhd'abhoireann (3): his son.

118. Amhailgadh [awly]: his son.

119. Thomas: his son.

120. Amhailgadh (3): his son.

121. Teige: his son; died 1320.

122. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

123. Shane (or John): his son.

124. Teige (2): his son.

125. Rory: his son.

126. Rory (2): his son.

127. Rory (3): his son.

128. Goffrey (or Jeoffrey): his son; died 1759.

129. Donall (or Daniel): his son; died A.D. 1790. This Donall had an elder brother named Timothy, who died, unmarried, in 1768.

130. Cathal (or Charles): son of Daniel (or Donall); died 1808.

131. Charles O'Donocho, of Lough Lein, county Kerry: his son; born 1806; had a brother named Daniel.


[1] O'Donoghue Mór: The chief of this sept lived at Ross Castle, on an Island in the Lakes of Killarney, up to the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

[2] Davoren: As above shown, Dubhd'abhoireann, the ancestor of this family, signifies "the dark featured man of the rock:" meaning, no doubt, the large rock at Ballynalackin ("the village or district of the rocks"), on the sea-shore near Lisdoonvarna, in the county Clare, where stand the remains of the once strong castle of the "Davoren" family.