O'Donoghue (No.4) family genealogy

Lords of Glenfesk

CONNOR O'DONOCHO, a younger brother of Cathal, who is No. 116 on the foregoing ("O'Donoghue of Lough Lein") pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Donoghue of the Glen. [1]

116. Conor: son of Amhailgadh Mor.

117. Aedh (or Hugh) na Midhe: his son.

118. Jeoffrey an Tigh (or Jeoffrey of the Mansion): his son.

119. Conor (2): his son.

120. Donall: his son.

121. Jeoffrey (2): his son; died 1520.

122. Donall (2): his son.

123. Jeoffrey (3): his son.

124. Rory: his son.

125. Donall (3): his son.

126. Jeoffrey (4): his son.

127. Teige: his son.

128. Jeoffrey (5): his son.

129. Teige (2): his son.

130. Jeoffrey O'Donocho, of the Glen, county Kerry: his son.


[1] O'Donohgue: There was another family of this name in ancient Meath; and another in Connaught.