O'Donoghue (No.2) family genealogy

Of Ossory

THE O'Donoghues of Ossory were a branch of the O'Donoghues of Cashel; they were chiefs of an extensive district of Ossory, given by the people of

Leinster to the Kings of Cashel as eric (or fine) for the death of Ederscoil, King of Munster, who was slain at the Hill of Allen, in the county of Kildare, by Nuadha-Neacht, King of Lagenia (or Leinster). This property which extended from Gowran, in Kilkenny, to Dun-Grianan, in Tipperary, subsequently came into the possession of this family, who held it till the end of the 12th century, when it was seized on by some Anglo-Norman adventurers, some of whose descendants still hold it. The chief seat of the O'Donoghue, Prince of Ossory, was at Gowran, and the name of this district was Magh Mail or the plain of Mal, as we read:—

"The man who is elected to govern Magh Mail,

Is O'Donoghue of the fair Gabhrain."

Jerpoint Abbey was founded by one of these O'Donoghues in 1178.—See "O'Donoghue" (No. 5) pedigree.