O'Donoghue (No.1) family genealogy

Of Cashel

THE O'Donoghue family of Cashel, co. Tipperary, was the stem whence sprung the several branches of this family in Kerry and in Ossory, and was descended from Cas, son of Corc, who is No. 89 on the "Line of Heber" (ante).

These O'Donoghues were Princes of the Eoghanacht of Cashel, a territory in the co. Tipperary, extending from Cashel to Clonmel:

Eoghanacht Cashel is in the plain of Cian,

O'Donoghue is its lineal inheritor;

Its name in other days was Feimhin,

Which extended to the border of the brown-nut plain.


Hence we learn from this extract that Magh Feimhin was the ancient name of this extensive district.

A.D. 1010. Flan, son of The O'Donoghue, of Cashel, successor of St. Enda, of Ara, in the co. Tipperary, died.

A.D. 1014. Dungal O'Donoghue, King of Cashel, flourished. This prince fought at Clontarf, and died about 1026.

A.D. 1028. Art, son of The O'Donoghue, of Cashel, erenach of Mungret in county of Limerick, died.

A.D. 1043. Magrath O'Donoghue, Lord of Eoghanacht-Cashel, died.

A.D. 1038. Cuduligh O'Donoghue, heir to the lordship of Cashel, was slain.

A.D. 1057. Donchadh O'Donoghue, Lord of Eoghanacht-Cashel, was killed.

A.D. 1078. Connor O'Donoghue, heir of Cashel, died.

These O'Donoghues fell into decay at a very early period, and very few of their descendants are to be met with in Tipperary, at the present day.