O'Dea family genealogy

Chiefs of Dysart O'Dea, County Clare

Arms: Ar. a dexter hand lying fessways, couped at the wrist, cuffed indented az. holding a sword in pale, all ppr. in chief two snakes embowed vert. Crest: A hind statant ppr.

ÆNEAS (or Aongus) Ceannathrach, a brother of Blad who is No. 92 on the "O'Brien" (of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Deadhaichd; anglicised Day, O'Day, O'Dea, Dee, and Deady.

92. Æneas Ceannathrach: son of Cas.

93. Rethach: his son.

94. Seanach: his son.

95. Diomma: his son.

96. Dunsleibh: his son.

97. Cuallta ("cuallta": Irish, a wolf): his son; a quo O'Cualltaigh, anglicised Kielty and Wolf.

98. Fermac: his son.

99. Fercionn ("cionn," gen. "cinn:" Irish, a head, a cause): his son: a quo O'Fercinn, by some anglicised Perkin and Perkins.[1]

100. Flann Scrupuil: his son

101. Flancha: his son.

102. Dubhsalach: his son.

103. Donn: his son.

104. Donal: his son.

105. Deadha ("deadhachd:" Irish, godliness): his son; a quo O'Deadhaichd.

106. Donoch: his son. This Donoch had an elder brother named Conn Mór, who was ancestor of Muintir Cuinn or Quinn of Munster; and Donoch's younger brother, Flaithertach, was the ancestor of Roughan.

107. Aichear: son of Donoch.

108. Giall-gaire: his son.

109. Muredach: his son.

110. Flaithertach: his son.

111. Lochlann: his son.

112. Flaithertach (2) Fionn: his son.

113. Padraic: his son.

114. Rory: his son.

115. Donoch: his son.

116. Lochlann (2): his son.

117. Donal: his son.

118. Edmond: his son.

119. Conor: his son.

120. Lochlann (3): his son.

121. Shane (or John): his son.

122. Lochlann Riabhagh: his son.

123. Conor Cron (or Swarthy Conor): his son.

124. Michael: his son.

125. Michael Oge O'Deadha: his son.

The O'Deas were formerly chiefs of Triocha Cead Cinel Fermaigh, i.e., the cantred of the tribe of the plain, otherwise Triocha Uachtarach, or the upper district, and of Dysart-ui-Deadhadh, now the parish of Dysart, called also Dysart O'Dea, in the barony of Inchiquin, co. of Clare, comprising 24,000 statute acres:

"With due respect we first treat

Of the elevated lands of Triocha Uachtar;

O'Dea is the lawful inheritor

Of these brown-nut producing plains."


We are informed that in very early times a branch of this sept removed into the county of Tipperary, and became possessed of an extensive estate in the barony of Slivearadh, as O'Heerin says:—

"Slieve Aradh of the fair lands

O'Dea enjoys as his estate."

The O'Deas had several castles in the barony of Slivearadh, and also in their original territory of Cinel Fermaic (the tribe name of the Family)—where some remains of the castle of Dysart may be seen at the present day.

Amongst the most noted of this family in ancient times we find that:—

In A.D. 1106, Raghnal O'Dea, lord of Dysart, died.

In A.D. 1151, Flaherty O'Dea, lord of Dysart, was slain at the battle of Moin-Mór.

In A.D. 1311. Laghlin Riabhach O'Dea, was slain by Mahon, son of Donal Conachtach O'Brien.

In A.D. 1403. Cornelius O'Dea, Archdeacon of Kilaloe, was consecrated bishop of Limerick; he resigned his sacred charge in 1426, and lived a secluded life till his death, 27th July, 1434. He was interred in the cathedral, where a monument of black marble was raised to his memory by his worthy successor, John Mottell, Canon of Kells.

1588. Mahon O'Dea, son of Loghlin, son of Rory, son of Murrogh, son of of Mahon Buidhe, lord of Cinel Fearmaic, died.

1589. Dermod Oge O'Dea, son of Dermod, son of Denis, son of Dermod, son of Connor, i.e., the bishop of Limerick (see above A.D. 1403), son of Murrogh an Dana O'Dea, died, and was interred in the church of Dysart-Tola, in the town of Dysart.

1598. Dermod, son of Edmond, son of Rory O'Dea, of Tulla O'Dea, was slain in July.


[1] Perkins: According to MacFirbis, "Perkins" and "Perkinson" were in Gaelic rendered MacPiaruis, and sometimes MacPeadhair, which are by him classed among Saxon families (Sloinnte Saxonta) settled in Ireland.