Nicolson (No.5) family genealogy

Of London

JOSEPH, a brother of William who is No. 129 on the "Nicholson" No. 3 pedigree, was the ancestor of another branch of the Nicolson family, in London.

129. Joseph: son of Joseph, of Kingsbridge; born in May, 1771; in 1793 was married to Fanny Sheppard.

130. James: his son; married Lydia Laurie, at St. Dunstan's church, on the 7th November, 1828; living in 1877, at 34 Walbrook, Mansion House, London; had a brother named John: this John married — Church of Rochester, and had two sons, one of whom is dead; the other, also named John, a draper, in 1880 residing at No. 341 City-road, London, E., who m. and had issue—Caroline-Sarah-Anne, b. Sept., 1856; Walter-Thomas, b. Feb., 1860; Arthur-William, b. June, 1862; Frank-Barclay, b. December, 1867.

131. Ebenezer: son of James; m. at Moorfields, in Dec, 1854, to Sarah Thompson. Had three brothers, James, John, and Joseph, and two sisters: the brothers were —I. James, now (1880) of Trentham House, Darnley-road, Hackney, London, who married Charlotte Abernethy, at Whitechapel, on the 25th June, 1857, and had issue six children—I. William Abernethy, b. July, 1858; 2. Henry-James, b. Oct., 1860; 3. Mary-Louisa, b. April, 1862; 4. Sarah-Elizabeth, b. July, 1864; 5. Ebenezer, b. April, 1866; 6. Charlotte, b. April, 1870. II. John, living (in 18S0) at 113 South Pauline street, Chicago. III. Joseph, living (in 1880) also at 113 South Pauline street, Chicago; m. and had issue Eva-Blanch, b. 1880. The two sisters are—Fanny and Mary, now (1880) living at Hackney: Fanny is m. to Major Buskin, and had children. This Ebenezer has three sons and three daughters: the sons were—1. Arthur-Ebenezer, b. in 1855; 2. James-Alexander, b. June, 1863; 3. Frank-Abernethy, b. in November, 1864. The daughters were—1. Ellen-Sarah, 2. Anne-Lydia, 3. Eliza-Mary—all six children living in 1877.

132. Arthur-Ebenezer, b. 1855: son of Ebenezer.