Nicholson (No.6) family genealogy

Of Moreton-in-the-Marsh, and of Lydney, Gloucestershire, England

129. Thomas: son of Joseph of Kingsbridge, who is No. 128 on the "Nicholson" (No. 3) pedigree; m. Esther Birt, on 18th September, 1796.

130. Rev. Thomas, a Baptist minister: his son; b. 13th April, 1805; m. Mary-Anne Miles, on the 2nd April, 1828, at Newland, Gloucestershire.

131. Thomas, now (1880) of Mynydd Isa, near Mold, Flintshire, Wales: his son; b. 9th June, 1830; m. Fanny Hutchins, at Coleford, on 4th July, 1851. This Thomas had (in 1880) three brothers—(1) Isaiah, (2) John, (3) Frank. (1) Isaiah, of 79 Manor place, London, b. 7th Feb., 1833, m. Lizzie Henderson, at Lydney, Gloucestershire, on 10th March, 1853, and had four children: 1. Horace-Leonard, b. 27th Jan., 1856, and m. Millie Brewster at St. Peter's church, Deptford, on 8th Dec, 1877; 2. Elizabeth-Mary, b. 5th Dec, 1859, m. William Gates of Egham, Surrey, at Old Charlton, on 20th Feb., 1878; 3. Isaiah-Birt, b. 5th June, 1858; 4. Ada-Gertrude, b. 6th May, 1870. (2) John, of Tullahoma, Coffee county, Tennessee, U. S. America, b. 16th Nov., 1835, m. Jane Berger Kendall, in 1856, and had ten children: 1. John-Frederick, b. 20th Jan., 1858; 2. Kate, b. 30th Jan., 1859; 3. Walter-Kendall, b. 5th April, 1860; 4. Frances-Mary, b. 18th August, 1862; 5. Harry, b. 17th Dec, 1864; 6. Clara-Flora, b. 10th Jan., 1867; 7. Alice-Jane, b. 3rd March, 1868; 8. Hubert-Miles, b. 14th Feb., 1871; 9. Ella-Grace, b. 18th Nov., 1873; 10. Thomas-Norman, b. 22nd July, 1875. (3) Frank, of Greenwood Terrace, St. John's Church, Road, Hackney, E., b. 4th Feb., 1842, m. Matilda Pole, at Mare street, Hackney, on 10th May, 1864 and has had two children—1. Adelaide-Margaret, b. 9th Jan. 1867; 2. Arthur-Pole, b. 20th July, 1869.

132. Edgar-Thomas Nicholson: son of Thomas, of Mynydd Isa; b. 2nd Nov., 1864. This Edgar (living in 1880) had four sisters: 1. Helen-Miles, b. 21st Aug., 1858; 2. Flora (or Florence), b. 10th July, 1861; 3. Fanny-Matilda, b. 26th Nov., 1866; 4. Laura-Hutchins, b. 24th Dec., 1868.