Nicholson (No.4) family genealogy

Of Plymouth, England

JONATHAN, a brother of Joseph who is No. 128 on the "Nicholson" No. 3 pedigree, was the ancestor of Nicholson, of Plymouth.

128. Jonathan: son of William; married in Feb., 1762, at Kings-bridge, to Amy May.

129. Robert: his son; married in April 1784, at Kingsbridge, to Elizabeth Poppleston.

130. Jonathan (2): his son; in February 1820, at the parish church of Stoke-Damerel, Devon, was m. to Jane-Anne Remfry.

131. Jonathan-Henry: his son; married, in December 1842, at St. George's church, East Stonehouse, Devon, to Anne Hanibling. This Jonathan-Henry had a brother named Robert, who, in June, 1857, at St. Andrew's church, Plymouth, was married to Emma Philips, by whom he had five sons—1. Jonathan Henry, born in 1858; 2. Robert-Joseph, born in 1860; 3. James-Remfry, born in 1868; 4. Ernest-Charles-Remfry, born in 1871; and 5. Arthur-Philips, born in 1874—all living in 1877.

132. John-William: son of Jonathan-Henry; born in Dec, 1848; had three brothers and four sisters —the brothers—1. Jonathan-Henry, born in June, 1851; 2. Henry-born in November, 1855; 3. Robert-Joseph, born in February, 1860; and the sisters were—1. Jane-Anne, 2. Mary-Elizabeth, 3. Emma, 4. Maria Remfry, 5. Elizabeth-Caroline-Popplestone; all living in 1880.