The woollen manufacture was formerly carried on here to a considerable extent, but has long since been discontinued; that of porcelain and fine delf was likewise carried on for a time: but the only manufactures at present are those of bricks, of which some of a very fine quality are sent coastwise to Cork; a coarse kind of pottery made for the use of the neighbourhood, and an extensive rope-manufacture. A large porter and ale brewery was established at the northern end of the town by Messrs. Deaves and Eustace, the machinery of which is of the most improved kind; a malting concern is connected with it. Messrs. Keays and Messrs. Ronayne have each establishments for the purchase and export of salmon in ice; the annual amount of export is valued at about £2500.

At the north end of the town is a quarry of good clay-slate, used as building stone, which produces an abundant supply; it is the property of the corporation, who generously give it to the quarry men working it, by whom the produce is disposed of to great advantage. The trade of the port is very considerable, especially the coasting trade; it consists chiefly of the export of agricultural produce and the import of coal, culm, timber, Staffordshire ware, porter, and groceries for the supply of the neighbourhood. In 1835 there were sent from this port 156,653 barrels of oats, 12,827 of wheat, and 16,973 of barley, 13,123 sacks of flour, 832 barrels of rye, 8593 firkins and 419 kegs of butter, 641 sacks of biscuit, 2190 bales of bacon, 6429 live pigs, 866 head of cattle, 434 sheep, 40 hogsheads of lard, 613 gallons of whiskey, and a large quantity of dried salmon.

The number of vessels that cleared outwards was 420 with cargoes and 46 in ballast; and the number that entered inwards was 459 with cargoes of coal, culm, and timber, and 26 in ballast. The number of vessels registered as belonging to the port was 28, of the aggregate burden of 2998 tons, of which two were engaged in the foreign trade: the duties paid at the custom-house amounted to £561. 15. 2.

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