A public library was established in 1825 by a proprietary of 30 shareholders of 5 guineas, who also annually subscribe half a guinea each; the subscription for non-proprietors is a guinea, and it is open to strangers on introduction by a proprietor, on payment of half a crown monthly; the number of volumes is about 800, exclusive of a copy of Rees's Cyclopaedia, presented by the Duke of Devonshire. There are two public reading-rooms, one in the Mall-house and the other in the national school-rooms, both well furnished with English and Irish newspapers, periodicals, and works of reference.

The Youghal Literary and Scientific Institution, for the diffusion of knowledge by lectures on subjects capable of practical illustration, was founded in 1833, and is supported by annual subscriptions of half a guinea each, which entitle the subscriber and his family to admission to the lectures: a library and museum are in course of formation. Balls and concerts are held during the summer season at the Mall-house. A savings' bank has been established, and a large and handsome building, in which the business is now conducted, was erected in 1831, the expense of which was defrayed from the accumulated surplus fund: the management is remarkably good and the deposits numerous. On an eminence north of the town are infantry barracks for the accommodation of 6 officers and 180 men.

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