The principal river is the Boyne, which, rising in the county of Kildare, enters that of Meath at Clonard, and flowing eastward divides it into two nearly equal parts, passing in its course, which is by no means rapid, through some very beautiful sylvan scenery. Its estuary forms the harbour of Drogheda, above which town its navigation is carried on sometimes in the bed of the river, and sometimes by artificial cuts, to Slane, and thence up to Navan, which is 15 miles above Drogheda.

The Blackwater, next in size and importance, rises in Lough Ramor in Cavan, and flowing by Kells unites with the Boyne at Navan. The Athboy, Knightsbrook, and Kilmessin are all tributaries to the Boyne, as is also the Mattock, which is the boundary between Louth and Meath; the Borora is tributary to the Blackwater; the Nanny water, rising near Navan, takes an eastern course through the romantic glen at Diamond rock, and thence to the sea; the Delvan, which separates the counties of Dublin and Meath, is a small and otherwise insignificant stream.

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