Ó Floinn

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó FLOINN—IO Floine, O Floinge, O'Flynn, Flynn, Flinn, &c.; 'descendant of Flann' (red); the name of several distinct families in different parts of Ireland, of which the following are the best known: (1) Ó Floinn of Siol Maolruain, a Roscommon family who were chiefs of Siol Maolruain, a district which embraced the parish of Kiltulagh and part of that of Kilkeevin, in the west of Co. Roscommon. Another family of the name were erenaghs of the church of St. Dachonna, at Eas Ui Fhloinn, a short distance to the west of the town of Boyle. (2) Ó Floinn of Tirawley who were seated in Magh hEleog, in the parish of Crossmolina; a branch of the family were hereditary erenaghs of the church and monastery of St. Tighearnan at Errew, on Lough Conn. (3) Ó Floinn of Ardagh, a branch of the Corca Laoighdhe, who were anciently chiefs of Ui Baghamhna, now the barony of Ibawn, in the south of Co. Cork. The head of the family resided at Ardagh Castle between Skibbereen and Baltimore. (4) Ó Floinn of Muskerry, who were lords of an extensive district called Muscraidhe Ui Fhloinn, anglicised Muskerrylinn, lying between Blarney and Ballyvourney, in the barony of Muskerry, Co. Cork. The O'Flynns continued to be lords of Muskerrylin until about the beginning of the 14th century, when they were dispossessed by the MacCarthys of Blarney. (5) Ó Floinn of Ui Tuirtre, an account of which is given under Ó Loinn, a form the name has assumed as a result of the aspiration of the initial f. All these families are still well represented in their native districts.

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