Ó Loinn

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó LOINN—IO Linne, O Linge, O Lynt, O'Lynn, Lynn, Linn, Lind, (Lindsay); 'descendant of Flann' (ruddy); a variant, owing to the aspiration of the initial f, of Ó Floinn, which see; the name of a famous Ulster family who, from about the middle of the 11th until towards the latter part of the 14th century, were chiefs of Ui Tuirtre, a district comprised in the baronies of Upper and Lower Toome, in Co. Antrim, and are frequently mentioned in the Annals. In the year 1177, they defeated John de Courcy when he advanced into their territory, and for two centuries longer they continued to maintain their independence. After the year 1368 they disappear from history. The name, according to O'Donovan, is sometimes anglicised Lindsay.

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