Ó Cinnfhaolaidh

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó CINNFHAOLAIDH—IO Kenneally, O Kennelly, O'Kinnealy, Kinnealy, Kinneally, Kennealy, Kennelly, &c.; 'descendant of Ceannfhaoladh' (wolf-head, learned man); the name of a branch of the Ui Fidhgheinte, in Co. Limerick, who were seated in Ui Conaill Gabhra, now the baronies of Upper and Lower Connello, until dispossessed by the Fitzgeralds and other Anglo-Norman settlers soon after the invasion. The name is, however, still common in West Limerick and in Kerry. To be distinguished from Ó Coingheallaigh, which see.

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