Mac Conmara

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac CONMARA—IVM'Conmara, MacNamara, MacNamarra, MacNamarrow; 'son of Cú-mara' (hound of the sea). The MacNamaras who, next to the O'Briens, were the most powerful of the Dalcassian clans, derive their descent from Caisín, son of Cas, the common ancestor of all the Dál gCais. Their original territory was Ui Caisin, corresponding to the present deanery of Ogashin and comprising nine parishes in the east of Co. Clare; but in later times they ruled over a greatly enlarged territory which comprised the whole of Upper and Lower Tulla, and which, from their clan-name, was known as Clann Chuileáin. The MacNamaras were hereditary marshals of Thomond, and it was their privilege to inaugurate O'Brien. A branch of the family settled, sometime before the end of the 16th century, in Co. Down.

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