Mac Cochláin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mac COCHLÁIN—IVM'Cochlane, M'Coghlane, MacCoghlan, MacCoughlan, Coghlan, Coghlen, Coghlin, Coughlan, Coughlen, Coughlin; 'son of Cochlán' (diminutive of 'cochal,' a cape, cowl or hood). The MacCoghlans derive their name from Cochlán, lord of Dealbhna Eathra, whose death is recorded in the Annals at the year 1053; and they were for many centuries lords of Dealbhna Eathra, called in later times Delvin MacCoghlane, which comprised almost the entire of the present barony of Garrycastle, in Offaly. They were once a very powerful family, and the name is still common in the midlands. About the middle of the 18th century, a branch of the family settled near Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

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