De Canntalún

Rev Patrick Woulfe

de CANNTALÚN—XIde Cantelon, Cantillon, Cantlon, etc.; Norman 'de Cauntelowe,' Latin 'de Cantulupo,' i.e., of Chanteloup in France (Seine-et-Oise); the name of an early Anglo-Norman family in Ireland. They were among the first of the invaders, and settled in Limerick and Kerry. In the reign of Edward I, Richard de Cantelupo was sheriff of Kerry, and at the same period Master Thomas de Cantulupo was official of the church of St. Mary at Limerick. The Cantillons were lords of Ballyheigue in Co. Kerry until after the Jacobite wars in the latter part of the 17th century. Many of the name afterwards gained distinction in France where in the last century Antoine Sylvaine de Cantillon was created Baron de Ballyheigue. The name, though never very numerous, still survives in Kerry and Limerick.

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