A Scriptural Answer

Asenath Nicholson
Chapter III (15) | Start of Chapter

Calling at the cottage of a peasant, attracted by the beauty of the shrubbery, and to inquire the way to Ballyarthur, "Pardon me," said the woman, and hastening into the cottage, she returned with her bonnet and shawl, and said, "I will go with you, ladies, and show you a near way." She was advanced in life, and something corpulent; and her effort to climb over stiles, and pass hedges and ditches, for the accommodation of strangers, called for an acknowledgment. Her scriptural answer was noticeable, "But we are told, ma'am, that we musn't turn the stranger out of his way." Happy would it be if all who read the Scriptures more than this unnoticed woman would practise its precepts as well.

Ireland’s Welome to the Stranger is one of the best accounts of Irish social conditions, customs, quirks and habits that you could wish for. The author, Mrs Asenath Nicholson, was an American widow who travelled extensively in Ireland on the eve of the Great Famine and meticulously observed the Irish peasantry at work and play, as well as noting their living conditions and diet. The book is also available from Kindle.