Irishmen Serving in Austria

Modern Army Lists.

Butteller, Edward, Cadet … 2nd Bohemian Dragoons.

Buttlar, First Lieut, Freiherr Adolph Von … 6th Hussars.

Buttlar, First Lieut., Count Otto Freiherr Von Brandfelde … 48th Hungarian Infantry Regt

Buttler, Lieut. Joseph, Military Frontier Administration.

Cary, First Lieut., Cross for Military Merit and War Decoration … 11th Hussars.

Cary, Captain Henry, Cross for Military Merit and War Decoration … 11th Hussars.

Collins, Edmond, Professor of English Officers’ Daughters’ Education Institute.

Crompton, Colonel Friederick … 67th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

Crotti, Sir Napoleon … Mil. Construction, Officers’ Corps.

Deesy, Colonel George Von, Order Iron Crown … 37th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

English, First Lieut. Alfred, serving on the Chief Staff … 3rd Mahrish Infantry Regt.

English, Gustave … Commissariat Officer R. Marines.

English, Captain Robert, Governor of the Military College, Winerish, Neustadt … 49th Lower Austrian Infantry Reg.

Fitzgerald, Major Gabriel, Cross for Military Merit … Reserves.

Fitzgerald-Minarelli, Lieut. Alexander … 1st Engineer Regiment.

Folliot de Crenneville, Count Franz, Knight of the Orders of the Golden Fleece, Iron Crown, St. John of Jerusalem, Chancellor of the Order of Leopold, First Chamberlain to the Emperor, Commander-in-Chief of Artillery, and Proprietor of the … 75th Bohemian Infantry Regt.

Folliott de Crenneville, Lieut. Count Franz 14th Bohemian Dragoons.

Folliott de Crenneville, Count Heinrick … Naval Cadet.

Folliott de Crenneville, Count Ludwig, Gold Cross for Military Merit, Gold Cross Order of Leopold, Knight of St. John of Jerusalem, Proprietor of the … 3rd Hussars.

Fox, Wilhelm, Cadet … 1st Schlessich Infantry Regt.

Graves, Commander Joseph, Steam Corvette “Andreas Hofer.”

Hart, Martin, First Lieutenant, Gold Medal for bravery … 30th Galician Infantry Regt.

Hickson, Johann, First Lieutenant … 30th Galician Infantry Regt.

Hussey, of Westown, Major Anton.

Hussey, Alexander, Lieutenant … 6th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

Irlands, Cesar, 1st Lieutenant … 62nd Hungarian Infantry Regt.

MacCaffry-Keanmore, Major-General Maximillian; Cross for Military Merit.

MacDonnell-O’Hanlon, Alexander James, 1st Lieutenant … Reserves.

Magher, Joseph, 1st Lieut … 5th Battalion Tyrolean Rifles.

MacNevin O’Kelly, Franz Freiherr, Lieut. … 17th Carmolan Infantry Regt.

Magher, Kasimir, Cadet … 24th Galician Infantry Regt.

Magher, Edward, 1st Lieut. … 24th Galician Infantry Regt.

Miller, Anton, 1st Lieut., Economy Officer … Garrison Hospital, Buda-Pest.

Miller, Joseph, 1st Lieut. … 14th Upper Austrian Inft. Regt.

Miller, Rudolph … Commissarian Corps.

Murray, Patrick John, B.A., T.C., Dublin; Major; Cross for Military Merit, and War Decoration; Gold Medal for Bravery … 7th Bohemian Dragoons.

Norman, Lieutenant Alexander Von … Salzburg Rifle Battalion.

O’Donnell, Major-General Count Maximilian, Commander of the Order of Leopold; Herald of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem; Cross for Military Merit, and War Decoration; Chamberlain to the Emperor.

O’Donnell, Colonel Count Moritz … Reserve.

O’Hagerty, Capt. Count Edmond. (Dead). 7th Hussars.

O’Gorman, Timothy Ellis, Lieut.-Colonel. (Dead) … 7th Galician Lancers.

O’Gorman, Samuel Patrick, Major. (Dead.) … 6th Moravian Dragoons.

Saul, Wenzel, Major … 6th Galician Infantry Regt.

Sweeny, Franz … Commissariat Corps.

Wallis, Count George, Lieut. … 11th Hussars.

Wallis, Count George, Freiherr auf Carrigmain;[1] Wing Adjutant to Field Marshal the Archduke Albrecht; Chamberlain to the Emperor: Major … 7th Hussars.

Wallis, Count Oliver, Freiherr auf Carrigmain; Knight of the Leopolden Order, Cross for Military Merit and War Decoration; Commander … XI. Infantry Division.

Wallis, First Lieut. Count Rudolph, Freiherr auf Carrigmain … 7th Hussars.


[1] Carrigmain: Carrickmines, county Dublin.