Irishmen who served in Austria

Old Army List.

Brady, Baron, Field Marshal, died in Vienna, 1826.

Brown, Master of Ordnance Count George, Proprietor, 1715 … 57th Galician Infantry Regt.

Brown de Camus, Field Marshal Count Ulyses, Proprietor, 1737 … 36th Bohemian Infantry Regt.

Brown de Camus, Major-General Count Joseph, Proprietor, 1757 … 36th Bohemian Infantry Regt.

Brown, Field Marshal Lieut. Count Valentin.

Butler, Count Walter, obtained the command of a Regiment in the Imperial Army, and served with distinction under Tilly and Wallenstein in many actions during the “Thirty years War.” Count Butler died at Wirtemberg, 1634, and was interred with great pomp at Prague.

Butler, Count James, his son, also served in the Austrian army.

Buttler, Field Marshal Lieut. Count Ludwig, Proprietor, 1776 … 43rd Hungarian Infantry Regt.

D’Alton, Major-General Count Richard, Proprietor, 1773 … 19th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

D’Alton, Master of Ordnance Count Richard, Proprietor, 1786 … 26th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

D’Alton, Field Marshal Count Edward, Proprietor … 15th Galician Infantry Regt.

Fitzgerald, Field-Marshal-Lieutenant Simon, Proprietor, 1832 … 10th Regiment of Light Horse.

Hamilton, Count Andreas, Proprietor, 1718 … 7th Bohemian Dragoons.

Hervay Von Kirschberg, Chevalier Carl, Cross of Military Merit; War Decoration; Major-General, 1876; commanding at Gmunden, 1881.

Hume, Colonel Caldwell, Order of the Golden Fleece; fell at Olmutz, 1762.

Macguire, Count Joseph, Proprietor, 1752 … 46th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

Macguire, Master of Ordnance Count Joseph Sigmund, Proprietor, 1752 … 5th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

Macguire, Master of Ordnance Count Johann Sigmund, Proprietor, 1763 … 35th Bohemian Infantry Regt.

Magner, Field-Marshal-Lientenant Anton, Proprietor, 1832 … 3rd Hungarian Infantry Regt.

Nugent, Field-Marshal-Lieutenant Count Jacob; Proprietor, 1767 … 56th Galician Infantry Regt.

Nugent, Field-Marshal Count Laval, Prince of the Roman Empire; Proprietor, 1815 … 30th Galician Infantry Regt.

O’Brady, Master of Ordnance, Freiherr Von

O’Brien, Major-General, Freiherr Von

O’Donnell, Count Carl Claudius; Proprietor, 1756 … 5th Styrian Dragoons.

O’Donnell, Henry, Major-General, 1744.

O’Donnel, Charles, General of Cavalry, 1750.

O’Donnell, Connell, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa, 1771.

O’Gilvy, Field Marshal Count Carl; Proprietor, 1784 … 46th Hungarian Infantry Regt.

O’Kelly, Master of Ordnance, Freiherr Wilhelm; Proprietor, 1761 … 45th Galician Infantry Regt.

O’Nelly, Field-Marshal-Lieutenant Count Alexander; Proprietor, 1734 … 42nd Bohemian Infantry Regt.

O’Nowlan, Field-Marshal-Lieutenant; Proprietor, 1730 … 57th Galician Infantry Regt.

O’Reilly, Count Andreas; Proprietor, 1803 … 8th Galician Lancers.

Taaffe, Nicholas, Viscount Field-Marshal; Chamberlain to the Emperor Charles VI.; died at Elishau, Bohemia, 1769.

Taaffe, Edward, Count; Provincial Governor of Saltzburg, 1863-67; Minister of the Interior, 1867-70; Provincial Governor of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, 1871-79; Minister of the Interior, and President of the Austrian Council of Ministers, 1879.

Wallis, Field-Marshal Lieut. Count George; Proprietor, 1682 … Styrian Infantry Regt.

Wallis, Major-General Count Franz Paul; Proprietor, 1715 … 43rd Hungarian Infantry Regt.

Wallis, Master of Ordnance, Count Franz; Proprietor, 1718 … 36th Bohemian Infantry Regt,

Wallis, Field-Marshal Lieutenant Count Franz Wenzel; Proprietor, 1731 … 59th Salzburg Infantry Regt.

Wallis, Field-Marshal Count Michael Johann; Proprietor, 1739 … 11th Bohemian Infantry Regt.

Wallis, Field-Marshal Lieutenant Count Oliver Remigius; Proprietor, 1774 … 35th Bohemian Infantry Regt.

Wallis, Master of Ordnance. Count Oliver; Proprietor, 1797 … 29th Hungarian Infantry Regt.