Fitzmaurice family genealogy

Arms: Erm. a saltire sa.

William Fitzgerald, eldest son of Gerald De Winsor who is No. 3 on the “Fitzgerald” (No. 2) pedigree, was the ancestor of Fitzmaurice.

3. Gerald De Winsor.

4. William Fitzgerald: his eldest son. This William had four sons—1. William, ancestor of Gerrard, of Brinn in Lancashire; of the lords Gerrard of Brandon, earls of Macclesfield; and of the lords Gerrard of Bromly; 2. Otho (called “De Curio”), ancestor of earls of Totnes, and of all the Carews of England and Ireland; 3. John, ancestor of Keating; and 4. Raymond Le Gros, the eldest, but (as some allege) illegitimate son. This Raymond Le Gros was the first viceroy of Ireland, under King Henry the Second, A.D. 1177; he married Basilia De Clare (sister of Richard De Clare, commonly known as “Strongbow,” earl of Chepstow and Ogny), by whom he had two sons—1. Maurice, and 2. Hamo (or Hamon) De la Gros, who was the ancestor of Grace, in the county Kilkenny.

5. Raymond Le Gros: son of William.

6. Maurice: his son; a quo Fitzmaurice; built Malahuffe Castle. This Maurice had two sons—1. Thomas; and 2. William, who was the ancestor of Fitzmaurice, of Brees, in the county Mayo, who were formerly lords barons there.

7. Thomas: son of Maurice; was the first “lord Kiery” (or lord Kerry); founded the Franciscan Friary of Ardfert, A.D. 1253. This Thomas left issue by Grania (or Grace), a daughter of MacMorogh, three sons—1. Maurice; 2. Thomas,[1] ancestor of Fitzmaurice, of Liscahan and Kilfenora; 3. Piers, who was the ancestor of Fitzmaurice of Ballymacquin, and of Mac Shaen, of Crossmacshaen, the last of whom was attainted in Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

8. Maurice: son of Thomas; was the second lord Kerry. This Maurice had three sons—1. Nicholas; 2. Mathias, who was ancestor of Fitzmaurice, of Ballinprior and Ballenoher; 3. Jeoffry.

9. Nicholas: son of Maurice; was third lord Fitzmaurice, of Kerry; had two sons—1. Maurice, 2. John.

10. Maurice: son of Nicholas; was fourth lord Kerry; had no issue, but his brother John became fifth lord Kerry. This John was twice married; by his first wife he had three sons—1. Maurice; 2. Nicholas, who was lord bishop of Ardfert; 3. John, who was lord abbot of Dorny, otherwise called “Kyry-Eleizon” (Kyrie Eleison). And by his second wife he had two sons—1. Gerrard, who was ancestor of Fitzmaurice, of Corrsela, 2. Robert, ancestor of Fitzmaurice of Cluancala.

11. Maurice: son of John; was the sixth lord Kerry. He had three sons—1. Patrick; 2. Richard, who was the ancestor of Fitzmaurice, of Lickbeven and Moybile, in Clanrickard; 3. John, who died without issue.

12. Patrick: son of Maurice; was the seventh lord (Fitzmaurice) of Kerry. This Patrick had a son named Thomas Balbhan (“balbh;” Irish, bumb; “an,” one who; Lat. “balbus”), a quo, some say, Balwin and Baldwin;[2] and a daughter who was wife of Sir William Fitzgerald, knight of Kerry, and the mother of William who was the ancestor of Fitzgerald of Cloyne, and of Maurice who was the ancestor of Fitzgerald of Allen, in the county Kildare.

13. Thomas Balbhan: son of Patrick; was the eighth lord of Kerry; had three sons and one daughter: the sons were—1. Patrick, who died in his father’s lifetime; 2. Edmond, who succeeded his father; 3. Robert, who was the ancestor of Fitzmaurice, of Tubud and Ardglass. The daughter was Joan,[3] who was wife of Tirlogh O’Brien, prince of Desmond: from whose sons descended the earls of Thomond, the barons and earls “Insiquin” (Inchiquin), the earls of Clanrickard since the second earl, the lords Bermingham of Athenry, Burke of Derrymaclaghny, Sir Roger O’Shaughnessy, and other personages in Connaught.

14. Edmond: son of Thomas Balbhan; was the ninth lord of Kerry.

15. Edmond (2): his son; was the tenth lord Kerry; married Una (or Agnes), daughter of Tirlogh MacMahon, lord of both the (territories of) Corcavascins, in the co. Clare, by whom he had four sons, each of whom in his turn was lord of Kerry, viz.: 1. Edmond, the eleventh lord; 2. Patrick, the twelfth lord; 3. Gerrald, the fifteenth lord; and 4. Thomas, the sixteenth lord Kerry.

16. Edmond (3): son of Edmond; the eleventh lord Kerry; created in in his father’s life-time “lord viscount Killmaul,” and got grants of Abbey-lands to maintain the honour to him and his heirs male—for want of which heirs all reverted to the Crown.

Patrick, second son of Edmond, the tenth lord (who is No. 15 on this pedigree), succeeded his elder brother Edmond (No. 16), and was the twelfth lord Fitzmaurice of Kerry. He had two sons—1. Edmond, who succeeded his father, as the thirteenth lord, and 2. Maurice, who succeeded Edmond as the fourteenth lord: both being minors in ward with the earl of Desmond; and dying so, without issue, the honour and estate fell to their uncle Gerrald, who became the fifteenth lord Kerry. This Gerrald possessed the estate, until his brother Thomas (the fourth son of Edmond, the tenth lord Fitzmaurice), then a soldier of fortune in Milan, returned home, and had both honours and estates surrendered to him, and became the sixteenth lord Fitzmaurice of Kerry. This Thomas had five sons—1. Patrick; 2. Edmond; 3. Gerrald; 4. Robert, 5. Richard— the four last of whom were slain in Queen Elizabeth’s wars in Ireland.

17. Patrick: son of Thomas; was the seventeenth lord Kerry.

18. Thomas: his son; the eighteenth lord.

19. Patrick: his son; the nineteenth lord.

20. William: his son: the twentieth lord.

21. Thomas: his son; the twenty-first lord Fitzmaurice, of Kerry and Lixnaw; living in 1709.

22. William Fitzmaurice: his son.


[1] Thomas: The last heir-general of this Thomas Fitzmaurice was Elis (or Elizabeth), who was grandmother of Charley the last “O’Conor Kerry.”

[2] Baldwin: Other genealogists say that the Baldwins are descended from Baudwin —bras-de-fer, a nobleman attached to the Court of Charles the Bold, King of France, who created the said Baudwin (or Baldwin) “earl of Flanders.” That Baudwin married Judith, daughter of Charles the Bold, and granddaughter of Charlemagne, widow of Ethelwolf, king of England, and stepmother of King Alfred the Great.— See the “Baldwin” pedigree, in p. 31, ante.

[3] Joan: This Joan, daughter of Thomas Balbhan Fitzmaurice, the eighth lord Kerry, was the mother of Margaret O’Brien who was married to O’Rourke; of Fenola (or Penelope), married to O’Donnell; and of Slania, wife of “The Great O’Neill.” It was this Joan who founded the Franciscan Friary of Cleeveliath, alias Ballymark, alias Saint Peter’s Rock. It may be here observed that Joan, Johanna, or Jane, is in Irish Sinead, the feminine of Seaghan or Shane, which is the Irish for John (Lat. Johannes).