Fitzgerald (No. 2.) family genealogy

Of Kildare, Dukes of Leinster

Arms: Ar. a saltire gu. Crest: A monkey statant ppr. environed about the middle with a plain collar and chained or. Supporters: Two monkeys environed and chained as in the Crest. Motto: Crom aboo.

The following is the pedigree, as deduced from the Linea Antiqua, and other authentic sources:

1. Otho Geraldino, according to the “Battle Abbey Book,” came into England from Normandy with William the Conqueror, and was one of his chief commanders; and, according to Sir William Dugdale’s “Baronage of England,” was, in the sixth year of the reign of that king, created a baron. This Otho Geraldino had two sons, named Waltero and Robert: Waltero was ancestor of all the Fitzgeralds of Ireland, and of all the barons of Windsor until the issue male became extinct, and came by marriage to Hickman, formerly Lord Windsor; and Robert was ancestor of the ancient family of Gerard, formerly barons of Stamwell.

2. Waltero Geraldino.

3. Gerald, from whom the sirname of “Geraldine”[1] was changed to Fitzgerald.

4. Maurice Fitzgerald first assumed this sirname; he was one of the first and principal invaders of Ireland, where he landed in the sixteenth year of the reign of King Henry the Second, A.D. 1169.

Fitzgerald family tree

7. Thomas, Baron of Geashill, in the King’s County; was the first of the family that got interest in the county Kildare, and built Castle Cam in Kildare, and the Castle of Geashill, in the King’s County, whereof he was made Baron, as he was already of Sligo, Tirconnell, and Kerry.

8. John, first Earl of Kildare: son of Thomas.

9. Thomas, the second Earl; son of John; died 1359. Richard, the third Earl: d. s.p.

10. Maurice: the fourth Earl: son of Thomas; d. 1390. Gerald, the fifth Earl: d. 1410.

11. John Cam, the sixth Earl: son of Maurice; d. 1427.

12. Thomas, the seventh Earl: son of John; d. 1477.

13. Gerald, the eighth Earl: son of Thomas.

14. Gerald Oge, the ninth Earl; son of Gerald; was impeached of high treason; and, in September, 1534, died in the Tower of London. “Silken Thomas,” who d. 1537, was the tenth Earl.

15. Edward: the second son of Gerald Oge.

16. Thomas: third son of Edward.

17. George, the sixteenth Earl: son of Thomas.

18. Robert; his son.

19. Robert, the nineteenth Earl: his son; d. 1744.

20. James, the first Duke of Leinster: his son; d. 1773.

21. William-Robert, the second Duke: his son; d. 1804.

22. Augustus-Frederick, the third Duke: his son; d. 1874.

23. Charles-William FitzGerald, of Carton, Maynooth, county Kildare, the fourth Duke of Leinster: his son. This Charles-William succeeded his father as fourth Duke, 10th October, 1874; m. 13th Oct., 1847, Lady Caroline, third dau. of George, second Duke of Sutherland; and had issue seven sons and six daughters. The sons were: 1. Gerald, Marquis of Kildare, b. 16th Aug., 1851; 2. Maurice, b. 16th Dec., 1852, and mar. to the Lady Adelaide-Jane Frances Forbes, eldest dau. of the Earl of Granard; 3. Frederick, b. 18th January, 1857; 4. Walter, b. 22nd January, 1858; 5. Charles, b. 20th August, 1859; 6. George, b. 16th February, 1862; 7. Henry, b. 9th Aug., 1863. And the daughters were: 1. Geraldine, died 15th Nov., 1867; 2. Alice; 3. Eva; 4. Mabel; 5. Nesta; 6. Margaret, d. 26th Oct., 1867.

24. Gerald, the fifth Duke of Leinster: eldest son of Charles-William; living in 1887.


[1] Geraldine:

These Geraldines! these Geraldines; rain wears away the rock,

And time may wear away the tribe that stood the battle shock;

But, ever sure, while one is left of all that honoured race,

In front of Ireland’s chivalry is that Fitzgerald’s place;

And, though the last were dead and gone, how many a field and town,

From Thomas-Court to Abbeyfeale, would cherish their renown,

And men would say of valour’s rise, or ancient power’s decline,

“Twill never soar, it never shone, as did the Geraldine.”