Principal Families in Annaly, or Longford

ANGHAILE or "Annaly," which was formed out of the ancient territory of Teffia, comprised the whole of the county Longford, and was the principality of O'Farrell. His chief residence was the town of "Longford," anciently called Longphort-Ui-Fhearghail or the Fortress of O'Farrell. This territory was divided into Upper and Lower Annaly: the former comprising that part of Longford south of Granard, and a part of the county Westmeath, was possessed by O'Farrell O'Buidhe (or O'Farrell the Yellow); the latter, or that portion north of Granard, was possessed by O'Farrell Ban (or O'Farrell the Fair). The O'Farrells were dispossessed of the eastern portion of this territory by the Tuites and the Delameres, who came over with Hugh de Lacy in the twelfth century.