Irish Chiefs and Clans of Longford

Besides the O'Farrells, princes of Annaly, the following were among the ancient clans in the county Longford:

2. O'Cuinn or O'Quinn, who had his castle at Rathcline. There was also a powerful family of the O'Quinns in thecounty Clare (see "Thomond"), distinct from this family in Annaly.

3. MacGilligan.

4. Muintir (or people of) Megiollgain (Magillan or Magellan) were located in the territory of Muintir Eoluis, in the northern portion of the county Longford; and their chief was O'Quinn.

5. O'Mulfinny or Mul Feeney, whose district was called Corcard.

6. MacCormack.

7. MacCorgabhan.

8. O'Daly.

9. O'Slaman or O'Slevin.

10. O'Skolly or O'Skelly.

The O'Farrells maintained their sovereignty till the reign of Elizabeth; when Annaly was formed into the county Longford, by the lord deputy Sir Henry Sidney.