MacLaughlan family genealogy

Arms: Ar. a sinister hand couped at the wrist affrontée gu.

DONAL, King of Aileach (a territory in the county Donegal), and a younger brother of the Monarch Niall Glundubh who is No. 100 on the (No.1) "O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacLochlainn; anglicised MacLaughlan, MacLoughlan,[1] and Macklin.

100. Donal: son of the Monarch Aodh Fionnliath.

101. Murtagh: his son; had six brothers, one of whom named Fergus was King of Aileach.

102. Donal, King of Aileach: his son.

103. Donal Oge, King of Aileach: his son.

104. Muireadach, King of Aileach: his son.

105. Lochlonn ("lochlonn:" Irish, strong at sea), King of Aileach: his son; a quo MacLochloinn.

106. Ardghal, King of Aileach: his son; first of this family that assumed this sirname.

107. Donal: his son; King of Aileach; and the 179th Monarch of Ireland. This Donal, as Monarch, reigned jointly with Murchertach O'Brien, King of Munster; and alone for thirty-five years, both before and after Murchertach. Most of that time was spent in bloody wars and devastations between these two competitors for the Monarchy, until at length they agreed to the old division of "Leath Mogha" and "Leath Cuinn," between them; and both ended their days very penitently: Murchertach, in the Monastery of Lismore, A.D. 1119; and Donal, in the Monastery of Columbkille at Derry (now Londonderry), A.D. 1121. In 1088 he destroyed the Monarch Brian Boru's palace of Kincora, in the county Clare, the ancient royal seat of the Kings of Thomond.

108. Neil: his son; who was King of Aileach; had a brother named Connor.

109. Murchertach MacLoghlin: his son. This Murchertach was King of Aileach, and the 182nd (and last save one) Monarch of Ireland of the Milesian Irish Race. He was a warlike, victorious, and fortunate Prince; brought all the provinces of Ireland under his subjection; forced hostages from them; and after ten years' absolute reign, was, by Donoch O'Carroll, King of Oriel (that part of the kingdom of Orgiall, now the county Louth), slain in battle A.D. 1166.

110. Muirceartach (2): his son; lord of Cineal Eoghain (or "Tirowen"); heir presumptive to the throne of Ireland; called "The Demolisher of the Castles of the English;" was slain by Donoch O'Cahan, A.D. 1196.

111. Donal: his son; known as "Donal of the Battle of Caimirge," fought in 1241. This Donal invaded Tirconnell with the English, in 1232; slew Donal, son of Hugh O'Neill, in 1234, and was elected "lord of Cineal Eoghain," in his stead. In 1238, Fitzmaurice, Lord Justice of Ireland, together with the Earl of Ulster, marched into Cineal Connaill (or Tirconnell); deposed this Donal, and made Brian O'Neill, chief. In 1241, this Brian fought the battle of Caimirge (or Caim Eirge) with Donal, whom he slew; along with nine of his chief kinsmen; after which the O'Neills were chiefs of Cineal Eoghain.

112. Morogh MacLoghlin: son of Donal.

113. Eoghan (or Owen) Mór: his son.

114. Niall: his son.

115. Owen (2): his son.

116. Niall (2): his son.

117. Aibhneach (also called Forbneach): his son; living in 1441.

118. Hugh: his son.

119. Dermod: his son.

120. Dubhaltach: his son; living in 1551: had two brothers—1. Manus Muire, and 2. Hugh Carragh. 121. John MacLaughlan: son of Dubhaltach; had four brothers 1. Dermod, 2. Hugh Buidhe, 3. Giolla Glas, 4. Edmond Gruama.


[1] MacLoughlan: For the derivation of MacLoughlan, see the "O'Loghlin" pedigree, p. 342, ante.