MacKeogh (No.2) family genealogy

Of Derrylea

Arms: Same as those of "MacKeogh" (No. 1).

DERMOD REAGH, brother of Daniel who is No. 117 on the foregoing ("MacKeogh") pedigree, was the ancestor of MacEochaidh, of Derrylea; anglicised MacKeogh.

117. Dermod Reagh MacEocha: son of Cairbre Ruadh,

118. Daniel: his son.

119. Eochaidh: his son.

120. Eochaidh Mór: his son.

121. Giolladubh: his son.

122. Eochaidh (3): his son.

123. John MacEochy (or John MacKeogh), of Derrylea: his son.