Stewart of Baltimore (No. 2) family genealogy

NINION, a brother of James the Second, King of Scotland, who is No. 119 on the foregoing ("Stewart") pedigree, was the ancestor of Stewart, of Baltimore, Maryland, United States, America.

119. Ninion Stewart: a son of James the First, King of Scotland.

120. James: his son.

121. Ninion (2): his son.

122. James (2): his son.

123. Christian: his son.

124. Ninion (3): his son.

125. William: his son.

126. James (3): his son.

127. James (4): his son; born near Augher, county Tyrone, Ireland, about 1706; died in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., America, A.D. 1788: Will recorded on 5th July of that year; had a brother named Samuel, who was born in Ireland in 1704, and died in Wilmington in 1773.

128. James (5): his son.

129. Joseph James, of Baltimore: his son; born in Delaware, in 1793; living in 1877: had a brother named William, father of General Alexander P. Stewart, of Oxford, Mississippi, United States, America, Chancellor of the University of Mississippi, and living in 1880.

130. Hon Joseph-James Stewart, of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.: son of Joseph-James; living in 1880; married Mary, daughter of James Baynes of Woodhall Park, parish of Aysgarth, Yorkshire, by his wife Martha Burgh of Bristol, England, of the De Burgh family.

131. George C. Stewart: his son; born in 1860; has a brother named James B. Stewart, born in 1862—both living in 1877.