O'Kelleher family genealogy

The family of O'Ceileachair ("ceileach": Irish, wise, prudent), anglicised O'Kelleher, Kelleher, and Keller, derive their sirname from Ceileachar, son of Donchuan, brother of Brian Boroimhe [Bora], the 175th Monarch of Ireland, who is No. 105 on the "O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree. In the twelfth, and even so late as the sixteenth century, the O'Kellehers were possessed of lands in Munster: but the pedigree of the family is we fear lost. "Donogh O'Kelleher," successor of St. Kieran of Saiger, i. e. Bishop of Ossory, died, a. d. 1048. The late Rev. ——— Kelleher, P. P., of Glanworth, county Cork, represented the senior branch of this Sept. A younger branch of the family is represented by Alderman Keller, of Cork.