O'Keeffe (No.2) family genealogy

Of Ballymacquirk

123. DONAL (or Daniel): second son of Art Oge, who is No. 122 on the foregoing ("O'Keeffe") pedigree; commanded a company of foot in the battle of Knockinross, in 1641. He m. Mary, dau. of Eoghan Vera O'Sullivan, of Cappanacusha, in the county of Kerry, by whom, he left issue—1. Finghin; 2. Art, who followed the fortunes of Charles II., King of England, and in whose service he commanded a company of foot, and in whose Declaration of Royal gratitude he had a proviso made for him; and 3. Denis, whose son Connor became Lord Bishop of Limerick, and founded three Bourses in the College of Lombards in Paris, for the education of three Catholic clergymen.

124. Finghin: his son; m. Honoria, dau. of Brian O'Connor-Kerry; he d. in A. D. 1667.

125. Donal: his son; m. Margaret, dau. of Nicholas Hutson of Newmarket, in the county of Cork. This Donal raised a company of foot for King James II., in whose service he fought and fell at Aughrim.

126. Arthur: his son; slain at Aughrim; m. and left issue:—1. Hutson; 2. Nicholas, who followed James II. to France; and 3. a daughter.

127. Hutson: his son; settled in Religny, in the province of Campagne, in France, where he m. Reine Jacquemart, by whom he had an only dau. Jane.

128. Jane O'Keeffe: his dau.; in 1738, m. Gabriel Deville. She d. in 1768, leaving issue:

129. Captain Nicholas Gabriel Deville; born March 8th, 1741. This Nicholas, who was Secretary to his "Most Christian Majesty," m. Maria Regina Faucheux, by whom he had a son (No. 130).

130. Gabriel Denis Deville, an officer in the Swiss Guards, and afterwards a Captain in Roll's Regiment, in English pay, in 1797.