O'Cullen family genealogy

Of Leinster

THE O'Cuilin ("cuil": Irish, a couch; "in," little) family, anglicised O'Cuilin, O'Cullen, Cullin, and Cullen, derive their descent from Cuilin, son of Dubh, son of Eochy Mór, son of Corc, who is No. 89 on the "Line of Heber" (ante); and were possessed of a tract of land in the barony of Dunkerron, co. Kerry, which they held under the O'Sullivans. A branch of this family formerly occupied the barony of "Kilcullen," in the co. Kildare, and were chiefs of Coille-Cullin. Prior to the thirteenth century this family held also the romantic country around Glencullen, in the co. Wicklow; in the thirteenth century the O'Cullens were expelled from this locality by the O'Byrnes and O'Tooles. Other members of this tribe were chiefs of Arra, in Tipperary, and of part of Conello, co. Limerick.

Patrick Cullen, an Augustinian hermit, one of the compilers of the Registry of Clogher, was consecrated bishop of that See in 1519; he died in the Spring of 1534, and was interred in his own cathedral.

O'Cullen, a religious of the convent of Athenry, in the co. Galway, suffered death for his faith, in 1652. His head was fixed on one of the spikes of the gates of Athenry!

The late Cardinal Paul Cullen, Lord Archbishop of Dublin, was of this family.

Members of this family are now located in Ulster, one of whom is Mr. William Cullen, Teacher of the Eliza-street National School, Belfast; and another, Joseph Cullen of Belfast, whose pedigree is as follows:

MURTAGH CULLEN, of Eskragh, co. Tyrone, who was b. circa 1747, was the first of this family that settled in Ulster. He m. Bridget, daughter of Mark Devlin, of Glenoe, co. Tyrone, and had six sons and one daughter:

I. Patrick.

II. John.

III. James.

IV. Charles.

V. Hugh, of whom presently.

VI. Michael.

I. Nancy.

The said Murtagh d. at Belfast, and was bur. at Donoughmore, co. Tyrone.

2. Hugh: fifth son of Murtagh; b. at Eskragh in 1790; d. at Belfast in 1853. He m. Esther, daughter of Thomas Carbery, of Eskragh, and had six sons and three daughters:

I. John.

II. James.

III. Hugh.

IV. Bernard, of whom presently.

V. Joseph.

VI. Matthew.

I. Esther.

II. Catherine.

III. Margret.

3. Bernard, of Belfast: fourth son of Hugh; b. 1829; living in 1884; m. on 15th December, 1850, Anne, daughter of William Curless, of Clogher, co. Tyrone, and had five sons and one daughter:

I. Joseph, of whom presently.

II. Zachary, b. 30th June, 1856, and living in New York in 1884.

III. Bernard, born 10th Sept., 1858.

IV. Paul, b. 28th April, 1861.

V. John, b. 3rd March, 1864.

I. Mary. All these children, save Zachary, living in Belfast in 1884.

4. Joseph Cullen, of Belfast: eldest son of Bernard; b. 29th Oct. 1851, and living in 1887.