O'Cronan family genealogy

THE O'Cronain family ("cron": Irish, ready; "an," one who), anglicised O'Cronan and Cronan, are, according to some writers, descended from the celebrated Druid Mogh Raith, who assisted Simon Magus with the Riotha Ramhar; but O'Dunin, who wrote in the beginning of the 14th century, gives, from older annals, the following as the family pedigree:

95. Carbery: a younger son of Aodh Dubh, who is No. 94 on the "Line of Heber," ante.

96. Conor Clarinach: his son.

97. Salbhuidhe; his son.

98. Duibhlaing: his son; had a brother Flathniadh, a quo O'Flathniadh.

99. Ealathach Ard: his son; had a brother Flathimh, a quo O'Flathimh; and another brother Flan, a quo O'Flainn of Munster, anglicised O'Flynn [1]

100. Ealathan: his son.

101. Maoluir: his son.

102. Cronan: his 4th son; a quo O'Cronain; had a brother Cathalan, a quo O'Cahalan and Cahalan; another brother Buadhach, a quo O'Beddy and Beddy; and another brother Maolin, a quo O'Maolin.


[1] O'Flynn: It is worthy of remark that the O'Flainn of Munster have anglicised their name O'Flynn and Flynn; while the O'Flainn of Connaught and Ulster have anglicised their name O'Flinn and Flinn.