O'Callaghan family genealogy

Of Duhallow

Arms: Ar. In base a mount vert, on the dexter side a hurst of oak trees, therefrom issuant a wolf pass. towards the sinister, all ppr. [1]

CEALLACHAN, who is No. 104 on the "MacCarthy Mór" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Ceallaghain, of Munster; anglicised Callaghan and O'Callaghan; and Colquhoun, in Scotland.

104. Ceallachan ("ceallach": Irish, war): son of Buochan; a quo O'Ceallaghain.

105. Doncha (or Donoch): his son.

106. Murcha (or Morogh): his son.

107. Domhnall (or Donall) O'Callaghan: his son; first assumed this sirname.

108. Ceallachan (2): his son; died A.D. 1092.

109. Cenede: his son.

110. Morogh: his son.

111. Aodh: his son.

112. Mahoun: his son.

113. Maccraith: his son

114. Lochlann: his son.

115. Melaghlin: his son.

116. Maccraith (2): his son.

117. Cenede (2): his son.

118. Donogh, of Dromine: his son.

119. Conor: his son.

120. Teige Ruadh: his second son.

121. Donogh (2), of Dromine: his son; died 1578.

122. Conor (2): his son.

123. Ceallachan (3): his son.

124. Cathaoir Modartha ("modartha": Irish, surly): his son.

125. Donogh (3): his son; had three brothers.

126. Teige O'Callaghan: his son. This Teige had four brothers—1. Donogh; 2. Cathair; 3. Ceallachan; and 4. Morogh.

The Chief of this Sept was transplanted into the County Clare by Oliver Cromwell.


[1] O'Callaghan: Of this family are the Viscounts Lismore. There was an "O'Callaghan" family, chiefs in Oriel (or co. Louth), who were a branch of the Clan Colla; and another "O'Callaghan" family, chiefs in Erris, co. Mayo, who were a branch of the Hy-Fiachrach, of Connaught.