O'Brien of America (No.10) family genealogy

Branch of the Marquises of Thomond

DONAL, a younger brother of James, who is No. 128 on the "O'Brien" (Marquises of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that family: whose descent from said Donal down to the Rev. Matthew Patrick O'Brien, Rector of St. Vincent de Paul's R.C. Church, in Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pennyslvania, United States, America, and living in 1883, is as follows:

128. Donal: a son of William, the second Earl of Inchiquin; settled in the county Waterford, and d. 1768.

129. James: son of Donal; b. 1730; d. 1800.

130. John: his son; b. 1765; d. 1840. Married Catherine (d. 25th Dec., 1860), dau. of Matthew Carroll, of Lahardown, near Portlaw, co. Waterford (a descendant of the Carrolls of Littalouna, King's County, Ireland, the parent stock and home of the Carrolls of Carrollton, Maryland, U.S.A.), and had seven sons and four daughters.

131. Martin: son of John; d. 1858. Married in 1828, Honora Mullen (a descendant of Connor, brother of Dathi, who is No. 102 on the "Concannon" pedigree), and had four sons and two daughters—all of whom emigrated to the United States, America:

I. John, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, who in 1857, m. Ann Dean, a native of the county of Mayo, and had one son and four daughters:

I. Martin.

I. Mary-Anne.

II. Cecilia.

III. Clara-Amelia.

IV. Annie.

III. Michael A. O'Brien: the third son of Martin; living unm. in 1883.

IV. Rev. Matthew Patrick O'Brien (b. 3rd Sept., 1837), ordained Priest in St. Charles' Seminary, Philadelphia, on the 5th April, 1869, and was in March, 1883, Rector of St. Vincent de Paul's E. C. Church, in Minersville, Schuylkill County, Pa., U.S.A.

Martin's two daughters were:

I. Mary, who in 1868, in Philadelphia, m. Michael Cahill (d. 24th July, 1881), and had one son and two daughters, living in 1883:

I. John Cahill.

I. Mary Cahill.

II. Honora Cahill.

II. Bridget O'Brien, the second dau. of Martin, living unm. in 1883:

132. John O'Brien (b. 1829, d. 1865): eldest son of Martin; m. in Camden, New Jersey, Margaret Cusack (d. 1864), a native of the co. Cavan, Ireland, and had:

133. Thomas O'Brien, b. 1861; and living in Philadelphia, in 1887.