Nicholson (No.8) family genealogy

Of Coleford

REV. WILLIAM NICHOLSON, brother of Joseph who is No. 130 on the "Nicholson" No. 3 pedigree, was the ancestor of Nicholson, of Laird's Hill, Coleford, Gloucestershire, England.

130. Rev. William, a Baptist minister: son of William, of Plymouth; b. in 1805; m. Martha, a daughter of Thomas Nicholson (No. 129 on the "Nicholson" No. 6 pedigree), on the 8th April, 1834; living in 1877.

131. William Nicholson (Nicolson or MacNicol), of The Laird's Hill. Coleford; now (1887) of Millaquin Refinery, East Bundaberg, Queensland: his son; b. in Feb., 1835; m. Ellen Cowley, on 16th Dec, 1856; and living in 1887. This William, who has been commonly called "Patrick," has a sister named Eliza.[1]

132. Charles-Ebenezer-Thurston-Grove-Cowley Nicholson: his son; b. in Feb., 1867. This Charles had a brother named Bertram Archibald, b. in July, 1868; and two sisters—1. Ellen, 2. Lilian-Maude: all living in 1887.


[1] Eliza: This Eliza Nicholson (now of Rothsay, near Ravensbourne, Dunedin, Orago, New Zealand), was married to Edward Davies of Caerleon, near Newport, Monmouthshire, England; they had (in 1878) five children, the names of three of whom we have ascertained—1. Edward Nicholson-Davies, 2. Ernest Nicholson-Davies, 3. Arthur Nicholson-Davies.