Nicholson (No.11) family genealogy

Of San Francisco

LEOTAIN, a kinsman of James who is No. 126 on the "Nicholson" (of Detroit, U.S.A.) pedigree, was the ancestor of Nicholson, of San Francisco.

127. Leotain Nicolson, or Nicholson, of Dublin; m. Margaret ———.

128. Henry, of Dublin: his son; m. Mary ———, of Virginia, United States, America, in 1799.

129. John-Young Nicholson, of Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.A.: his son; m. Sarah Moody, of Virginia, 17th September, 1829.

130. John-Henry, of San Francisco, California: his son; m. Emily Kitzmillar, of St. Louis, U.S.A., on 23rd Sept., 1857; living in 1880.

131. Walter-Henry Nicholson: his son; had a brother Rishworth, and three sisters—1. Emily, 2. Maude, 3. Genevieve—all five of whom living in 1880.