Nicholson (No.10) family genealogy

Of Philadelphia

NEIL, a younger brother of Malcolm who is No. 125 on the "NICOLSON" No. 1 pedigree, was the ancestor of this family.

125. Neil: son of Donald MacNicol, Chief of the Clan in the Isle of Skye, Scotland; m. Kate MacDonald.

126. John: his son; d. 5th March, 1807; m. Ann ——— (who d. l9th May, 1783); was a friend of Benjamin Franklin, of the United States, America.

127. John; son of John; d. 4th Feb., 1799, aged 27 years; married Rebecca ———, who d. in 1812.

128. John: his son; d. 28th Feb., 1833, aged 35; m. Eliza ———, who d. in 1845.

129. James Bartram Nicholson: his son; born 1820, and living in 1880.

130.Lieut.-Col. John P.Nicholson, of 146 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: his son; living in 1880.